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Hillary Clinton Sounds Off On Trump, Impeachment, and the 2020 Election

Hillary Clinton Sounds Off On Trump, Impeachment, and the 2020 Election

Hillary Clinton Sounds Off On Trump, Impeachment, and the 2020 Election


Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea Clinton were guests on last night’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and just in time to weigh in on the heft of the Trump impeachment.

Last night, Stephen  welcomed the woman who would have been President, and the woman who would have been the President’s daughter… again. Much was discussed, most of it relating to Hillary Clinton’s one-time opponent President Donald Trump. More specifically, relating to his potential impeachment.

Ah yes, there’s nothing quite like when the crowd started chanting “lock him up” at Hillary Clinton. A bit on the nose, but classic none-the-less.

It was an all-out Trump bash, ladies and gentlemen. Stephen Colbert took his Colbert-style mature-but-also-not shots at the President, Hillary Clinton did her usual “here are the objective facts as to why President Trump is terrible”, the audience had their “lock him up” schtick, and even Chelsea Clinton got in on the action.

For those who may not be fully caught up with the news (because of being busy, forgetfulness, or just plain terror exhaustion), there is currently serious momentum towards impeachment proceedings for President Trump. Basically, Trump extorted the Ukraine for personal gain; he used the office of President in an, ah, unscrupulous manner. To say the least. Word got out, and it’s being taken more seriously than anything else he’s done.

But, let Hillary Clinton explain it to you way better:

With Trump on the ropes, and the Democrats battling it out for their chance to throw him out of the ring, Hillary Clinton must be sitting pretty high and mighty right now. She didn’t quite make it to the Presidency, but face it: most Americans wanted her to. It was that darn Electoral College that prevented it. But, since the Dems are in full-steam ahead mode trying to figure out who their best bet to take down Trump is (not necessarily who their best bet to lead the country is, but hey, who isn’t currently dealing with that problem?), the people just want to know who the best choice for their next President will be.

Well, the people are going to have to make up their own minds, because Clinton ain’t endorsin’.

This is highly irregular – pretty much every high-profile political figure throws their weight behind a candidate. And Clinton is one of the most high-profile of all, having basically but not officially won the last Presidential election. But good on her, for keeping to her truth. Maybe she doesn’t like any of them? Maybe she doesn’t want to hurt any of her friends feelings by not endorsing them (coughJoe Bidencough)? Either way, it’s her call. And whomever’s name she does write down on the ballot, when the time comes, well, just hope it’s the winning one.

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