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Ethan Hawke Judges Theatrics of Presidential Debate on The Late Show

Ethan Hawke Judges Theatrics of Presidential Debate on The Late Show

Ethan Hawke Judges Theatrics of Presidential Debate on The Late Show


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert presents even more Donald Trump coverage than you asked for this week!


Debate Update

Colbert is still reporting on Tuesday’s presidential debate, the first of several more evenings of televising what it’s like at your local Alzheimer’s care home. The debate was so raucous, that not only are the moderators considering altering the rules for Biden and Trump, but also the Republicans were so dismayed by Trump’s lack of tact that they’re finally worried that this might not be their guy anymore. Forget all the scandals, the crime, the embarrassments. Being told to “shut up” by Joe Biden was it for them.

Stephen’s first guest on The Late Show last evening was Ethan Hawke. Known for his acting roles in Gattaca and Boyhood, as well as his directed films The Hottest State and Blaze, Hawke’s got a good eye for theatrics. As a performer/director combo, he’s got the sense to weigh in on the presidential debate as a piece of theatre. Because it’s really come to that – Election 2020 will be the hottest reality show since… Election 2016.

With that, it’s probably time they recast the role of “president of the United States”.


What Went Wrong With The Mueller Investigation?

Stephen’s second guest was Andrew Weissman, former lead prosecutor in the office of special investigator Robert Mueller. Weissman recently published the book Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation. And this book is chapping some butts across both parties in the States. Not to mention the honourary “title track” himself, Robert Mueller. But in order to understand that, you have to understand what Andrew Weissman is all about.

Andrew Weissman basically wrote a book about why President Trump should have been found guilty – and more importantly, why he wasn’t. Weissman does a bit of shade throwing all over the place, generally in not the most exciting or dramatic way. There’s still something to be said for professionalism in the Trump era…?

Anyway, Weissman harps on where Mueller’s investigation fell short.

Mueller has reportedly been unhappy with the book, stating that ‘some people don’t have the right information’. I guess when your job requires you to check your personality at the door, that’s as explosive as you get. So much for good reality TV on that front.

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