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Elementary’s Lucy Liu Reveals Hidden Talents on The Late Show

Elementary’s Lucy Liu Reveals Hidden Talents on The Late Show

Elementary’s Lucy Liu Reveals Hidden Talents on The Late Show

NEW YORK - AUGUST 25: "Henny Penny the Sky is Falling" -- Captain Gregson lobbies to include Holmes and Watson when his unit is selected to receive a city commendation for its exemplary work. Also, as Holmes and Watson consult on the investigation into a financial analyst's murder, they are drawn into the world of asteroid research, on the 100th episode of ELEMENTARY, Sunday, Oct. 30 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured (L-R) Jon Michael Hill as Detective Marcus Bell, Lucy Liu as Joan Watson and Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes (Photo by Michael Parmelee/CBS via Getty Images)


Star of Elementary and all-around badass Lucy Liu reveals her more artistic side on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Having primarily been an action star for over twenty years, Lucy Liu shocked the Late Show audience with a couple of surprising, quirky  talents she has. First, Stephen prompted her about her secret instrument – and boy, did they milk the suspense. The payoff is worth it though, because honestly, who plays that thing anymore?

Lucy Liu plays the accordion – which is actually super cool. Seriously, who else plays that? Any uncommon skill is worth paying attention to – who knows what else she’s capable of?

Well, let’s find out. Liu excels at painting as well. She’s been painting for a while now but under a pseudonym – her Chinese name. You may have seen one of her paintings without even knowing it. But don’t think Lucy uses a pseudonym because she’s famous. The meaning behind her art and the reason for her pseudonym is quite inspiring.

Liu is currently co-star in Global’s Elementary, a modern take on Sherlock Holmes. In its sixth season, Liu plays Sherlock Holmes’ trusty partner Dr. Watson – a character traditionally written as a man. Elementary boasts other slight changes to the classic Sherlock lore, such as taking place in New York City, but the series is pretty faithful to the source material, all the while coming up with fresh stories week after week.

Liu has taken the role and ran far with it, despite some cold feet about the character early on: Watson isn’t as much of the butt-kicker that Liu is used to playing.

So you’d think that a person who plays a character that catches criminals every week is pretty aligned with the law, correct? Or at least the concepts of the law, regardless of scale… well that’s not so for Liu, at least not for her much younger self. So her role as Watson can’t influence her criminal past, but it might set her straight if she ever again feels the call of deviance.

For whatever reason, be it Lucy Liu and the incredible rest of the cast, the comfortable Sherlock vibe, or the entertaining weekly stories, you should check out Elementary on Global, with new episodes Mondays at 10.00 et/pt, or catch up online here at GlobalTV.com!

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