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Daniel Craig Answers All of Stephen’s Bond Questions on The Late Show

Daniel Craig Answers All of Stephen’s Bond Questions on The Late Show

Daniel Craig Answers All of Stephen’s Bond Questions on The Late Show


Old friend of The Late Show Daniel Craig returns after almost two years away!


A Short History of LSSC, Daniel Craig and James Bond

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Daniel Craig have a small history of being mutually beneficial to each other. It was on The Late Show that Daniel Craig officially announced his return to the next Bond movie (which ended up being No Time To Die). It was also on The Late Show that he announced that No Time To Die would be his final Bond film. These were two separate occasions, by the way.

Still, he’s been living a pretty Bondy life over the past few years – due to COVID-19, No Time To Die had its release date pushed back over a year. Originally set to release in March 2020, it wasn’t until last summer that it made it to cinemas.

But he’s finally retiring, and a next Bond has yet to be chosen. But it Daniel Craig is forced to stick by his word about it, the next Bond will most definitely be Stephen Colbert.

It is on tape, but it doesn’t seem very damning. I don’t know, if you ask me I think Craig will welsh on it. Stephen’s a bourbon guy anyway, he wouldn’t be believable drinking a martini.


The Good, The Bond and The Queen

Recently, Daniel Craig was appointed the honour of The Order of Saint Michael and Saint George. Basically, it means that he’s done great and/or recognizable stuff in the name of England.

So he got to spend some time with the Queen. Curious, Colbert asked Daniel Craig what she’s like in private, and gave some interesting gems. To wit, “Nice crack,” Colbert said of Queen Elizabeth. And before even going there, make sure you watch the clip to give it context, okay?

See? Don’t be gross.

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