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Colbert Slams Rudy Giuliani Over Borat 2 Appearance On The Late Show

Colbert Slams Rudy Giuliani Over Borat 2 Appearance On The Late Show

Colbert Slams Rudy Giuliani Over Borat 2 Appearance On The Late Show


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was all over the breaking news that Giuliani was filmed in a compromising position for the new Sasha Baron Cohen movie Borat 2.


Stop Your Messing Around

Rudy Giuliani’s appearance in Borat 2 is detestable. The rundown is that Giuliani was filmed in a room, alone with a woman, ramming his hand down his pants.

In the scene, Stephen says Rudy acted like “a real jerk-off” (in case you still had doubts that Stephen is operating in full IDGAF mode, here’s more evidence). It’s not a secret Giulini is a slimeball, and that his behaviour around September 11 2001 was a huge fluke. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to find out that Giuliani will appear as himself, in one of the most popular films of the year, doing and saying heinous things.

With Giuliani still being one of Trump’s go-to guys, how will this affect his chances of re-election? Time will tell – they don’t call it an October Surprise for nothing.


A Message To You Rudy

After all that, Stephen had some choice words for Giuliani. Earlier on in the day, Giuliani immediately went of the defensive for damage control. The film isn’t even out yet, and Giuliani already needs to defend himself. Wonder how that makes him look.

Anyway, his non-excuse is easily cut apart by Stephen Colbert, who decides to bring logic to the table. You know, just as a thought experiment (and because nobody in the Trump administration is doing it themselves)

Star and creator of Borat 2 Sasha Baron Cohen will be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday October 26. Catch it on Global at 11.35 et/pt this Monday! He’s surely got a lot to say about his new film, and Giuliani’s increasingly significant role in it.


The Ongoing Campaign to November 3

In case you’re facing emotional and mental exhaustion too severe to check the news, but you just want to know anyway, Stephen’s got you covered.

In an update about how the Presidential candidates are polling

Where Trump said “nobody’s going to be interested in politics anymore.” Sounds like a dream come true at this point. Is anyone else tired of waking up with high anxiety levels over what the crackpot downstairs tweeted throughout the night?

Like, yeah, wouldn’t it be nice to hear some jokes where horrifying reality isn’t the punchline?

But until then, get your political humour fix with The Late Showwhich will be going LIVE tonight, October 22 at 11.35 et/pt on Global for post-debate coverage!

And don’t miss Sasha Baron Cohen’s upcoming appearance on The Late Show Monday October 26, on Global!

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