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Colbert Provides Democrat Debate Coverage on Live Late Show

Colbert Provides Democrat Debate Coverage on Live Late Show

Colbert Provides Democrat Debate Coverage on Live Late Show


Stephen Colbert went live on The Late Show last night yet again to cover night two of the Democratic Presidential Debates!

The previous night’s debate featured ringers Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, surrounded by a handful of “in it for the press” candidates. Last night’s debate, however, was the real headliner: with Joe Biden, Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker and last month’s unofficial Kamala Harris, you’ve got some serious heavy hitters.

Colbert’s live debate coverage has two objectives: to give you a quick and shallow rundown of the debates, and to make you laugh. You’ve already got money down on that second one (at least you should – what are you doing here if you don’t?), and he proved the night before that he’s got the first down too. But were you expecting to laugh, be informed and tap your toe? Because you remember Motown? Well it’s back, in Democratic Debate form.

Colbert set the stage of the Democratic Debate night two, outlining who the players were, what the topics would be and asking the big questions: seriously, where is Anderson Cooper?

As promised, Colbert provided the goods when it came to summing up the debaters, introducing exactly who and what he was going to mercilessly mock, and how he was going to do it.

While Colbert did give it good to any and every debater worth mentioning, there was one man in particular who got it a bit extra. That of course is falling front runner Vice President Joe Biden. He was a target at the last round of debates, and this one was no exception. Despite their perceived close friendship, Colbert hit Biden with some particularly personal spicy shade (that busing rip? Whew boy!). And, like last debate, Biden was a target for his on-stage opponents as well, getting put in his place by Booker and Harris particularly.

But if one thing can be said about Biden, is that he’s not one to back down from a fight. Enough was enough, and quickly Biden snapped back.

Everybody’s lucky Biden didn’t take a swing at someone. He’s so the type of guy to do that.

Well, this month’s debates are over. So you’ll just have to wait for another Late Show live spectacle. But, if there’s one thing about American political elections that you can rely on, it’s spectacle. Expect more spectacle to spectate at a later date, and expand your expectations of special Late Show broadcasts. They’re only going to get better!

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