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Cirie rips Jag’s goodbye message

Cirie rips Jag’s goodbye message

Cirie rips Jag’s goodbye message

Cirie Fields. Photo: CBS.


John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Despite their differences or maybe because of them, Survivor and Big Brother have always been reality show siblings. That is why it made perfect sense for Survivor, reality show legend Cirie Fields to try her hand at the grand social experience that is Big Brother.

Unlike the other houseguests though, Cirie would not start off the game alone. She played alongside her own son, Jared. That twist brought about a lot of positives but also a lot of negatives for the reality show veteran.

Cirie Fields and Felicia Cannon. Photo: CBS.

John Powell: Who do you hope follows you to the jury house and why?

Cirie Fields: I hope Jag follows me to the jury house. I think Jag was the Xavier (Prather) of this season. However, I didn’t like Jag’s goodbye message! He could have niced it up a little bit for me! I’m his target. I get that. But, we shared some moments and I thought it could have been a little softer knowing that I will be one of the people deciding whether or not he wins this game. My vote should at least count enough for you to nice it up for my goodbye message, Jag!

John Powell: What were the positives and negatives of playing alongside your son?

Cirie Fields: Oh, wow! The positive was getting to see Jared emerge as a player, a game player, and just sharing this experience with him. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that a lot of people will never ever get to experience. That’s all positive. The negative was if Jared hurt, I hurt. If people targeted Jared it affected me. Some of Jared’s mistakes in the game affected me. Like for instance, his issue with Red. I would have liked to keep Red. Red was a good ally for me. However, Red had a problem with Jared that I could not let play out. So, I had to get rid of Red when if I was by myself I would have kept Red.

John Powell: In what ways was Big Brother different than Survivor for you?

Cirie Fields and Julie Chen Moonves. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Cirie Fields: Oh, Lord! There’s no escape! Big Brother’s vise grip on your mental capacity is nonstop! The only escape is sleep and sleep doesn’t come until after 10 pm. On Survivor, you can take a walk. You could go fishing. You could go explore the other side of the island alone, if you like. Big Brother, there is no escaping the game or the people.

John Powell: How hard was it to keep your relationship with Jared a secret?

Cirie Fields: Oh, my gosh! My relationship with Jared was exposed the second I walked in the door when Izzy recognized the both of us! So, it was pretty difficult not knowing what other people would do. I can’t control how Izzy wanted to use the information. I couldn’t control how Blue, who kind of figured it out, might have used the information. So for me, I was always on edge wondering when the other shoe was going to drop in terms of Jared and my secret.

Cirie Fields and Jared Fields. Photo: CBS.

John Powell: Were you shocked that Blue and Izzy kept the secret?

Cirie Fields: I was shocked that Izzy and Blue kept our secret because like I said before, in this game information is currency and that information could have very well stopped Izzy’s eviction or Blue’s eviction. So, that piece of it shocked me that they were willing to keep that secret for us. Why I was not shocked is because Jared, like his mother, has a great ability to form strong, lasting real relationships with people. When you are able to do that people get emotionally involved in whether or not the things they do would be damaging to that relationship or not. They want to maintain those relationships even outside of this game.

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