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Survivor’s Chris Noble Says Dom, Wendell Were a ‘Nuclear’ Pair

Survivor’s Chris Noble Says Dom, Wendell Were a ‘Nuclear’ Pair

Survivor’s Chris Noble Says Dom, Wendell Were a ‘Nuclear’ Pair


John Powell – GobalTV.com

“I might have went home with an idol in my pocket but at least I went home to my real idol and that is my mom.”

He got voted off Survivor: Ghost Island, his idol gathering dust. He played a strong game but there was always that mistrust.

Domenick Abbate won their showdown, Chris Noble didn’t even have a chance. Now, he’s at Ponderosa asking Jeff Probst for a cash advance.

Out of the game, out of the hunt, maybe next time he won’t be so blunt.

His first time at Tribal Council was his last. Chis Noble lit his torch only to see it snuffed minutes later after a ruthless blindside. Chris could have saved himself if he played his immunity idol, problem was the model and freestyling rap fan left it in his pocket leaving many fans bewildered about how he assessed the situation.

“I was not overconfident thinking that everyone was going with my plan. I didn’t put a gun to their head by any means. I brought it to their attention. Frankly, I still think it was the smartest move. Dom is clearly superior to everyone as far as gameplay is concerned. I think that is becoming evident. Wendell [Holland] is a huge threat too. They are a power couple,” said Chris.


After the vote Chris felt especially betrayed by two of his fellow castaways.

“I was surprised that some of those guys voted for me at least at that point in the game. I was most surprised by Donathan [Hurley] and Sebastian [Noel]. I didn’t know until last night that Donathan did what he did. I am still very raw with that,” detailed Chris as he chronicled his bitter feud with Dom.

John Powell: Do you think it was enevitable that you and Dom would be rivals?

Chris Noble: “Things could have taken a different path. Going in, he had a vendetta against me and I already had my guard up with him. When the game started the way it did that proved to me that he wanted me out, he has something against me but that was my perspective at the time. He probably felt the same way towards me. Things just ended up the way they did.”

John Powell: Are those the reasons you did not accept the olive branch held out by Wendell and Dom? Was it a matter of trust?


Chris Noble: “Yes, absolutely. Don’t get me wrong. During the peace treaty I didn’t expose my hand. At the time, I thought they were trying to get me to expose my plans and use that against me. Both of those guys are sneaky individually and then you put them together? That’s nuclear. Maybe they really did want to work with me and that is cool but at the end of the day, Dom and I had passed the point of no return. I was not about to sign up for this peace treaty and then get blindsided that way. I would rather get blindsided the way I did, on my terms.”

John Powell: When you were voted out we saw you and Dom hug it out before you left Tribal. Although the way you left must have been disappointing do you have respect for Dom and his game?

Chris Noble: “I think Dom is a great guy. He is a great friend. He was one of the first people to text me last night. The experience really brought us close together. He is a great husband. His wife is absolutely phenomenal. I love both of them. He is a great father. Hey, look, he has a family and he has to provide for them. I don’t have a family so if anyone was going to knock me out I would rather it be someone who has to support three children. We had that rivalry. It was real. We both hated each other but the minute that game ended, we shook hands and have respect for each other.”

John Powell: Talking about family, we saw you mention your mom and her battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Did you share the story with anyone besides Donathan and how is your mother doing now?

Chris Noble: “I shared it with three people: Angela Perkins, Donathan and Sebastian. I didn’t realize two of them were going to turn on me, especially Donathan. He had no problem being cutthroat like that. If that is who he is, that is who he is. That is just part of the game. My mom, she has been enjoying my Survivor ride. She has primary progressive which is as severe as you can find. She has her ups and downs but she always smiles. She is always positive. We have enjoyed the Survivor ride together.”


John Powell: It must be incredible to share the experience with her.

Chris Noble: “Yeah, I mean it is a roller coaster ride not just for the person who is on the show but for their family too.”

John Powell: That is a very good point. It is something fans don’t think about.

Chris Noble: “I don’t think a lot of people realize that. In all honesty, the way I was edited there were definitely some great moments but them showing my personal story with my mom, made my life. That was one of my missions, to tell her story and I managed to do that. At the same time, there were a lot of edits that were definitely extreme and it is one thing for me to get over it but…my mom is my mom. When mama bear comes out she is going to get protective and she wasn’t happy with some things. I don’t blame her. I told her though this is what I signed up for and remember the purpose. She was also there to cheer me up after some of the things we saw. We did it as a team to get on Survivor and we did it as a team to get through the experience together. I might have went home with an idol in my pocket but at least I went home to my real idol and that is my mom.”

John Powell: That Ponderosa rap video is classic. How did that come together?



Chris Noble: “When I got eliminated I got really sick. When I got healthy, James and Ryan knew I wasn’t feeling great but they wanted to get a video of me. I told them I don’t consider myself a rapper but I do like to write rap and poetry so maybe we should do a music video. On a day I was feeling good, I took two or three hours and I wrote the rap. The next morning, we filmed for like four or five hours. I would just like to thank Ryan and James as they were both phenomenal. They are the ones who edited and put it all together. They came up with all of the creative aspects. I thank them for that moment.”