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Billie Eilish Spills on Her New Album on The Late Show

Billie Eilish Spills on Her New Album on The Late Show

Billie Eilish Spills on Her New Album on The Late Show


The week, Stephen Colbert welcomed Billie Eilish to The Late Show!


The Next Gen of Pop Star

Billie Eilish has been credited as a herald of a new generation of pop music. Or, at least, alt-pop music. At 17, she and her co-writer/producer brother won 11 Grammys between them for her debut album.

But beyond that, Eilish doesn’t give in to the glam style of her contemporaries. She doesn’t fully embrace her massive stardom – it’s all still a bit much for the 19-year-old.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a connection with her fans. She herself was a super fan of a massive pop star. A young Billie Eilish once had a concerning obsession with Justin Bieber. And she got to meet him – after becoming a massive star, of course.

But Eilish wants to make sure that all her fans have a significant and wonderful experience with her. She wants her fans to have the experience that she would want with her heroes. A pay it forward, sort of – the type of superstar outlook that is just endearing enough to hopefully create a trend.


Billie Eilish’s COVID life

Though pictures, TV and the like may make it seem like celebrities aren’t as affected by COVID restrictions as the rest of us, that’s not true for all celebrities. Some, sure – it goes along with being rich and powerful. But not all. Billie Eilish has spent the last year with her family, under the same lockdown restrictions as everyone else. And like everyone else, for Eilish, the past year just seemed… unreal.

Despite the surreal nature of the COVID lockdown – or maybe, with the help of the surreal nature of the COVID lockdown – Billie Eilish managed to complete her sophomore album over the last year.

However it turns out, it beats the heck out of sorting a DVD collection alphabetically, chronologically, by director, by actor… over and over, and over again. But some of us just have different hobbies to turn to during lockdown, huh?

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