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Big Brother Spoilers: Talk Show Riles the House

Big Brother Spoilers: Talk Show Riles the House

Big Brother Spoilers: Talk Show Riles the House


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

A harmless talk show in the Big Brother 19 house has caused uproar.

As part of her routine, Dominique Cooper, the government engineer, holds a regular talk show in which she interviews the other houseguests.

Last night when she spoke to Cody Nickson, much of what he had to say stirred the pot and the drama in the Big Brother house, especially when he claimed two of his former allies didn’t stay loyal to him but refused to name names.

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In the discussion, Cody said the only people he would never campaign against are Alex Ow, Jessica Graf and Raven Walton.

“I would like to see all of them go really far,” he told Dominique.

Cody also guessed that Ramses Soto put himself on the block this week as per his punishment as he knew the house wanted to backdoor Cody.

“I knew I was getting backdoored last week. After I made the nomination of Christmas [Abbott] I knew the boat was going down,” he said.

Cody observed everyone giving Paul Abrahamian tickets during the HOH Competition and knew then the house was rallying against him.

“I was not able to compete this week so there was literally nothing I could do,” Cody sighed.

Cody let it be known that his only targets were Megan Lowder and Paul but Megan leaving the game ruined his strategy.

Cody claimed he didn’t let Jessica know about his plans as HOH because he didn’t want her to be implicated.

“The only thing she has done is stay loyal to me,” said Cody. “I expected others to stay loyal to me but they didn’t. I don’t respect that at all.”

Mark and Cody then began to argue about who Cody told about his decisions. Cody claimed two people always knew what he was up to the entire time.

“That is all I am saying,” Cody told Mark Jansen when he was questioned about his statement.

After the talk show ended, Paul and Matt Clines said they will not appear on Dominique’s show.

“That was not chill. It was not okay,” said Paul.

Speaking to Jessica, a furious Mark demanded answers.

“If he cares about you, he will clear the air before he leaves,” said Mark.

“…or you are going to evict me? Is that what you are saying?” asked Jessica.

“It is just very interesting that he did that the night before he leaves,” grumbled Mark.

“What did I ever do to you?” asked Jessica.

“What did I do to you, Jess?” Mark responded.

“Everyone in the house shunned me the second Jillian [Parker] was evicted. What did you think? I was mad at you the whole time? You are kind of intimidating, Mark,” said Jessica.

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Tonight, either Cody, Ramses or Alex will be voted out.

In other news, Christmas, who broke her foot on Monday, left the house for surgery on Wednesday morning and has yet to return.

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