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Big Brother Spoilers: Leftovers Alliance Exposed

Big Brother Spoilers: Leftovers Alliance Exposed

Big Brother Spoilers: Leftovers Alliance Exposed

Julie Chen Moonves. Photo Courtesy: CBS.


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Kyle has turned on The Leftovers but if you ask him, they turned on him first.

Not happy about how the alliance pressured him to use the veto and put Alyssa in jeopardy last week, Kyle sat down and revealed the entire alliance and all of their past, current plans to Dyre Fest Head of Household, Terrance.

“We came up with a plan. Me, Joseph, Monte and Turner to create another alliance. We brought in Michael and Brittany. We needed one more number and so we grabbed Taylor. That was the seven. That is what has been running the game,” Kyle told a stunned and bewildered Terrance.

“We took out Ameerah, then Nicole, then Daniel and last week it was supposed to be Alyssa,” Kyle confirmed.

Kyle detailed how The Leftovers switched their target to Alyssa last week but Kyle was having none of that.

“They pressured me so hard,” he said. “Monte was never the target…He has been running the show with Joseph as his wingman.”

Kyle explained how he is now on the outs because he defied the alliance and didn’t take that shot at Alyssa. Kyle went on to say that Michael and Brittany are fed up with Monte and Joseph running the alliance.

Terrance expressed sympathy. He was at the bottom of The Old School alliance when it formed.

“I feel like I am being told to use the veto and take out the most important person in the house. F—k that!” said Kyle.

“I appreciate you telling me this because I was wondering what the f—k was happening….I lost people I thought were legit,” said a relieved Terrance admitting he never trusted Monte to begin with.

Terrance said Joseph and Monte always make it seem like they are out of the loop and don’t know what is going on.

“Are you kidding me? They have been working together since the very first day. They are running the show. It has been the Monte and Joseph show, 100 per cent,” laughed Kyle.

Kyle told Terrance that Joseph and Monte wanted Terrance to join their Festie Bestie group because if they got into trouble they could sacrifice him.

“That is why they asked me to join? It wasn’t to protect me?” asked Terrance.

“No, it was so they were insulated. In any situation they were safe,” Kyle admitted.

Terrance asked Kyle if Taylor put him up purposely against Indy. Kyle confirmed it was a plan all along.

“The mere fact that I stuck my neck out for Alyssa now I am a 100 per cent at the bottom of the seven,” said Kyle. “That’s everything, dude. That’s my entire game until this point.”

“I appreciate this. I really needed it. Last night and this morning, things were just not adding up,” said Terrance.

Kyle told Terrance he hasn’t even told Alyssa all this information yet. He suggested they create a new alliance with himself, Terrance, Alyssa, Michael and Brittany.

“After this, we sit down, we formalized it and we move forward,” he said.

Terrance was all-in on that idea.

At the double nomination ceremonies today Michael nominated Monte and Jasmine. Terrance nominated Turner and Joseph.

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