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Live Feed Spoilers: Cameron floats a shocking plan

Live Feed Spoilers: Cameron floats a shocking plan

Live Feed Spoilers: Cameron floats a shocking plan


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

HoH Cameron has proposed a plan that would surely stun fans and viewers at home if it plays itself out.

Cameron laid out his scheme to veto winner Jared in the HoH room away from prying eyes.

“How are you feeling?” asked Jared.

“I’m feeling great! Exceptional! I came in here and I took my microphone off and said you cannot script this! No one could have written a better script than what’s happening right now!” said Cameron about Jared’s veto win.

Cameron then carefully broached his plan.

“Two questions: One, do you want to play this safe or do you want to continue the mayhem and blow some s–t apart?” he asked.

“The first question is which thing do you want to do because we once we go there we can’t go back. I don’t want to just tell it to you. You got to tell me you want to do it. If you don’t want to do it. We’re not going to do it,” he continued.

Jared was interested but also very cautious about what he might be agreeing to.

“You want me to jump off this bridge? I want to use a parachute and jump off the bridge,” he said asking for more information.

“What do you want to do and I’ll tell you what I think is going to be a bombshell…You tell me that you’re ready to drop grenades. I’ll do a flyby. You just have to commit to doing it with me and we got to do it together…There’s going to be mayhem regardless if it (the veto) gets used or not. This house is in disarray. It’s broken. No one knows which way is up but if we drop the grenades people will scatter and not know where to go. We will be the only ones that have a little bit of control. Everyone else will be lost,” Cameron promised.

“The plan is going to be you convince everybody in this entire house that you’re going to keep nominations the same. You have to be convinced yourself that you are not going to change things,” Cameron instructed.

“There’s a beauty in this because everybody thinks that I’m taking Felicia down, bro,” said Jared telling Cameron that he is actually ticked off at Felicia because she hasn’t come to ask him and is probably just assuming he will take her off the block.

“So, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m trusting in you to put on your f——g game face and you go down there and play your role because I know you can go you’re going to make sure that everyone understands you’re keeping nominations the same. Felicia will lose her f—–g mind. She will then come talk to you. She will then start talking trash. She will then go bash everybody in a matter of two days. If she believes that the nominations are going to remain the same she’s going to spill more dirt than anyone in this house. Let her lose her mind. Let her go down a spiral…She will flip for a f—–g wig. She will lose her s—t. We got to let her lose her mind for 48 hours. She’s comfortable right now because she thinks you’re going to use it,” said Cameron.

“Step two, you do take Felicia down. She is so grateful that her ‘adopted son’ finally pulled through that you have an ally where she has none in this house because for 48 hours she’s running everybody down,” Cameron said.

He then dropped the bombshell.

“Step three, I put Cirie next to Izzy,” he said. The news visibly shocked Jared.

“She’s got to sit next to her best friend and they got to talk trash about each other and campaign for themselves and be apart. Cirie will start to separate herself from Izzy. She’s got to start playing this f—–g game. Izzy he has been her eyes and her ears. We will remove that from her and for that Felicia is going to be doing enough damage on both of them in the next 48 hours…Cirie will be on an island! How poetic is that? The Survivor! That will be perfect!” laughed Cameron.

“We have to be sure people don’t vote out Cirie over Izzy,” said Jared telling Cameron they need to check the “temperature” of the house first before making any decision on what to do.

He then threw out America and Cory as possible replacement nominations.

“I’m getting f—–g sick of them, bro. Because they are getting in a f—–g position to where they are. Cory is starting to make me worry. He is in corners getting to f—–g close to America,” he said.

Cameron then agreed that they will let things sit, read the room and then regroup, discuss the plan some more.

The thing is Jared won’t be able to inform Cirie of much of anything soon because due to a punishment from the veto competition Cirie and Felicia must travel around the house together using a kayak.

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