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Elena Davies Big Brother 19 Exit Interview: No Love for Former Allies

Elena Davies Big Brother 19 Exit Interview: No Love for Former Allies

Elena Davies Big Brother 19 Exit Interview: No Love for Former Allies


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

For a radio personality, she was pretty quiet in the Big Brother 19 house. Besides her showmance with Mark Jansen, Elena Davies played a muted game except for when she butted heads with Josh. Now a member of the jury, Elena hopes Mark can win HoH (Head of Household) and go after ringmaster, Paul Abrahamian.

“People in this house this year want to do what’s easy instead of what they should do. I’m slightly guilty of it myself but me and Mark, had we won power this week, were gonna make some big moves, one of them being potentially Paul if we could get our hands on him. It’s just easier to have a big target on someone’s back versus somebody going out and making a rogue vague move. And how sad for the content consumers of this show because I think Paul on the block would be a bit more entertaining and I’m praying to God that Mark is HOH this week and executing the plan that we had in place,” Elena told Global.

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As for her former alliance members, Elena surprisingly doesn’t have much love to go around. Although she praises Paul for his game she thinks Josh Martinez, Christmas Abbott, Matt Clines and Raven Walton are just awful players.

“I don’t want to commend Paul for his game but the fact that he’s still in the house, you kind of have to. I think he’s becoming more and more obvious and maybe people are starting to get eyes for him. So Paul is playing a pretty good game. Worst game? Literally everyone else. Josh is playing a horrible game but he remains and he’s just a blob. Christmas I feel similarly – she has no agenda, she has no feelings of her own, she just follows what other people are doing and chimes in to make it seem like she has an opinion about it when a fight is happening or whatever. Matt and Raven are floaters which sucks. Matt doesn’t even try to win competitions,” she said of her former allies.

In a season full of deeply personal confrontations, Elena admits she bit her lip often and tried to stay out of any conflict unless it was she who was being attacked. She claims her strategy was to be very careful of what she did and said in the house and to avoid anything that did not move her game forward.

“When you live in the Big Brother house you start to appreciate chaos, maybe because it’s something that’s entertaining you get to do that day or conversations you get to have afterwards. I had my first real confrontation this week and I was evicted, but I was looking forward to some more,” she recalled.

That confrontation involved Josh. In the house, Josh had a love-hate relationship with Elena. Although he admitted to having a crush on her, he never trusted her. Elena called Josh’s behaviour “erratic” and she hopes to never experience it again, ever.

“When you’re on the receiving end of him trying to prove a point to you and failing but just doing it louder and louder and louder, it’s exhausting and I want to scoop my eye balls out with a spoon rather than continuing in any type of discussion with that human being,” she said.

Of her relationship with her showmance Mark, Elena will be taking things as they go outside the Big Brother house and see where fate leads them both.

“Mark was very vocal about his feelings towards me and I had yet to share my feelings towards him. I am slow to move when it comes to anything romantic. So Mark doesn’t know this, but I do like him a little bit. Moving forward, I’m open to the things that the Lord has for me and if the Lord has Mark for me then I am all for it but I believe he’ll be making a trip to Dallas in the near future and we’ll see what happens,” she said.

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