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Bernie Sanders Gives Exclusive Post-Drop Out Interview on The Late Show

Bernie Sanders Gives Exclusive Post-Drop Out Interview on The Late Show

Bernie Sanders Gives Exclusive Post-Drop Out Interview on The Late Show


Last night, Stephen Colbert had who is probably his favourite politician on The Late Show, Bernie Sanders, just hours after Sanders announced dropping out of the Democratic primaries.

As you can see, Stephen Colbert is still masquerading as Mr. Rogers, hosting his show in his cozy home. Well, if Mr. Rogers had a slight drinking problem and was outwardly disaffected. And last night he was particularly sombre. Colbert and Sanders have always been buds, but so have Colbert and Biden. However, the last time Biden was on The Late Show, Colbert made it clear where his political preferences lie, and it’s not with him.

Take a look at the interview from last September, and if your still not convinced, consider that Bernie Sanders chose The Late Show to give his first post-drop out interview to over everybody else.

If you’re a politically progressive person, then this interview will break your heart; Bernie sings a swan song of his Presidential aspirations. But just because he didn’t get to the presidency doesn’t mean he hasn’t made a difference – he’s definitely started a movement in the States. Now his supporters are the ones who need to make the choice: be disaffected, or keep going with Sanders’ message?

And of course Bernie Sanders will ultimately endorse Joe Biden, just like he did with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Sanders knows that Donald Trump will continue to be a destructive force in American politics if he retains power. And even though Joe Biden, and his policies, are everything Sanders has been campaigning against, he’ll bite the bullet. But for now, he needs to decide exactly how he’ll endorse Biden without throwing his supporters aside.

They truly do share so little similarities as politicians, Sanders and Biden. But Bernie is right – if Biden wants to win this thing, then he’s got to be like Bernie to win over the younger crowd. Otherwise, Trump’s got it in the bag with his loyal base.

Ultimately it looks like Sanders’ policies might win out in the end, anyway, even if he’s not the one to actually sign off on them. COVID-19 hit people hard. People have lost their jobs, and at the same time lost their healthcare when they need it most. And when they realizing that there is no system in place to keep average Americans healthy without bankrupting them, they’re going to want answers.

Bernie Sanders will remain being a very influential Senator, and will continue to groom the next generation of politicians. If you’re a supporter of his, take that as a silver lining. In the meantime, The Late Show will provide you with all the Biden v. Trump coverage you’ll need, straight from Stephen’s home. But for that last part, hopefully not that much longer,.

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