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A stunned Jessica was grateful for Pat

A stunned Jessica was grateful for Pat

A stunned Jessica was grateful for Pat


John Powell – GobalTV.com

Jessica Peet was the very first blindside of the season and she is pointing the finger at Gabby and Nick, blaming them for her exit from the game.

“I feel the most betrayed by Gabby and Nick. I had a good relationship with Gabby and Bi. We were all really great friends. Nick and I had our own personal relationship. I think I took it the hardest from those people,” she said of her blindside.

A friend and supporter of Nick’s even when the other Davids were set to vote him off, Jessica was shocked by his behavior behind the scenes such as not wanting to help build the shelter just so he could save his energy.

“It was a rough night but I am glad Pat was there for me.”

Jessica reiterated what she had stated on last night’s episode. She feels she was targeted because of the bonds she made which put her in a favourable position in the tribe.

“I wanted to have meaningful relationships with people and I wish they (the producers) would have highlighted my relationship with Carl and Davie a little bit more. We had a very good relationship. I also formed a relationship with Nick and I wish that would have shown that a little bit more. There was a lot of gameplay I had going on. I was in a good position because I felt that I was in the middle of the five. Carl and Davie were really close and I was close to Carl. Bi and Gabby were really close and I was really close to Bi. I also could pull in Nick so I felt really comfortable with the position I was in. I think they (the rest of the tribe) started to catch onto that,” Jessica surmised.

At last night’s Tribal Council there was a lot of discussion about who was the weakest member of the tribe and why. There is no question in Jessica’s mind who that was.

John Powell: At the time, who was the weakest member of the tribe and who should have been voted off?

Jessica Peet: “I am going to break this down. So we are not going to get rid of Christian or Gabby because they are both good at puzzles. We aren’t going to get rid of any of the bigger guys like Davie or Carl or Nick because they are big. We often need strength at the challenges. We are not getting rid of Bi because she has great stamina, she is an MMA fighter, she works out all the time. That really doesn’t leave you with a lot of people. There is Elizabeth and Lyrsa. Elizabeth is bigger and she is going to be able to help us more in challenges. So, it all came down to Lyrsa wasn’t doing work at camp, she wasn’t performing well at challenges and she didn’t have a great social game. So, if you are looking to get rid of the weakest person that would be Lyrsa.”

John Powell: Do you feel that your age had any effect on your game and did anyone on the David Tribe suspect the truth?

Jessica Peet: “I don’t think that my age affected my game at all and that is because I lied about it. If I went out there and said I was 19, they would have been I am too young. It never came up with people because I took the precaution of telling them I was older than I was.”

John Powell: When you arrived at Ponderosa was Pat there waiting for you or were you alone for a bit?

Jessica Peet: “I remember getting off the boat. I was really emotional. I saw Pat waiting at the end of the dock for me. I gave him a big hug. He wasn’t expecting to see me. As soon as I gave him a hug and heard his voice I let loose, I broke down. It was a rough night but I am glad Pat was there for me.”

John Powell: Do you feel that you would have done better if you had been on the Goliath Tribe instead?

Jessica Peet: “When they were dividing the tribes, they kept on taking all of the people I thought I could align with. I couldn’t understand why they were taking all of these people. The last person they took, I want to say it was Alec, and I was confused. It didn’t look even at all. They (the other tribe) have all these big guys and all these gorgeous women. I understand why I was relatable on the David Tribe but I will always wonder what would have happened if I was on the Goliath Tribe because I really feel I could have made good relationships with a lot of those people.”

John Powell: Is it safe to say your Survivor experience was a surprising one from start to finish?

Jessica Peet: “It definitely was. There were a lot of things I didn’t expect going into the game of Survivor. I didn’t expect the weather to be as bad as it was. I didn’t expect Pat to get medically evacuated. I didn’t expect our tribe to lose and I definitely didn’t expect me to get voted out. There were a lot of unexpected things that happened.”