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Survivor Fantasy Tribe - Season 34 Pool Results

Find the castaways you picked to be in your 'Fantasy Tribe' below and tally your points for each episode using your Survivor Fantasy Tribe Pool Card. Remember, no points were awarded for the first episode since the pool was still open at the time.

Tip: Don't forget to add +5 bonus points each week that your MVP is still in the game and doesn't get voted out at Tribal Council.

Episode 12 - Points

Episode 11 - Points

Episode 10 - Points

Episode 9 - Points

Episode 8 - Points

Episode 7 - Points

Episode 6 - Points

Episode 5 - Points

Episode 4 - Points

Episode 3 - Points

PLAYER ALERT: Last episode there was a stat correction for Caleb; see episode 2 points below for details.

Episode 2 - Points

STAT CORRECTION (3/20/2017): Caleb originally received 0 points for episode 2 however, after carefully reviewing the episode it was noted that he should've been awarded 5 points for kissing another castaway. For more information visit the Stat Corrections page.


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