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Y&R: Interview with Melody Thomas Scott & Amelia Heinle

Y&R: Interview with Melody Thomas Scott & Amelia Heinle

Y&R: Interview with Melody Thomas Scott & Amelia Heinle


Best known for their roles as mother and daughter on The Young and the Restless, we sat down with Melody Thomas Scott and Amelia Heinle before they attended this year’s Corus Upfront to chat about their experience working on the show together for so many years.

Q: Melody, Congrats on 40 years. What’s been your favourite story line so far?

Melody: I wish somebody would compile for me how many story lines there have been. It’s too much for one brain to contain. I tend to think of it as different eras where something was happening that fans remember. It has to be and continues to be the Victor and Nikki love saga. Even though that started in 1980 it’s still very much a part of the show and a part of my character so it would have to be that.

Q: Amelia, you’ve been on the show 15 years. What’s been your favourite story line so far? 

Amelia: It’s like what Mel said, there’s been so many. I realize what I enjoy the most is our family dynamic. I really love when they put our family altogether, which we haven’t done in a while. But there used to be a time when we’d have a story line going on where we’d all at home in the ranch and we’d all talk. That was my favourite when we were more of a family unit. I mean, we still are but I would love to have another family story where we all come together.

From left: ET Canada host Carlos Bustamante, Melody Thomas Scott and Amelia Heinle

Q: Your characters have been through everything. What other story line would you like to see?

Melody: Go stark raving mad and end up in a rubber room. I have always wanted that. I say that every time in an interview, and it has never happened.
Amelia: You’ve been in an orange jumpsuit.
Melody: That’s different. Prison’s one thing, crazy is a whole other thing. It’s fun for an actor to be crazy. I figure they think I’m crazy in real life so they don’t want to write it.
Amelia: I would like to stop being so good all the time. I’m sick of being the good one. I feel like a goody two shoes. But that’s how they’ve written my character. They’re like, “Victoria would never do that she’s daddy’s favourite”. I would love to fall off the wagon. I would like to do something wrong because I’m always doing the right thing.

Q: You have played mother and daughter on the show for the past 15 years. Would you say you see each other as a mother daughter figure to each other in real life?

Melody: Well Amelia calls me mom a lot. Joshua calls me mama. We’re just like crazy odd contemporaries and we do nothing but laugh and gossip. We just get along so well. I suppose one could say yes we are like real life mother and daughter. But it’s more like girlfriends.
Amelia: I see her more than I see my own mom. We’re definitely tight.
Melody: We’re very close. Actually the whole Newman family, we are close. Great casting, we do love each other.
Amelia: It’s like synchronicity sort of. We all have similar humor and make each other laugh it’s ridiculous
Melody: They’re probably all inside jokes. If other people heard them they’d go ‘why’s that funny?’
Amelia: Once Eric was laughing and couldn’t stop. We’re all trying to tape a scene and no one really got why it was so funny.
Melody: Yes, you know when we have to be emotional and all these tragic things happen, you gotta let it out.
Amelia: I mean, Victor’s been almost dead so many times.
Melody: He’s been dead many times, forget almost.
Amelia: Been dead many times, thought to be dead, came back from the dead.
Melody: Shot in the groin.

Q: If you weren’t in the entertainment industry, what would you be doing instead?

Melody: I would want to be a choral director. That’s where my heart sings and that’s what I love. That’s what I listen to at home and in my car. I know it’s a terrible answer but it’s the truth.
Amelia: I decided last night that I would be a singer but that’s the entertainment business. I was watching A Star is Born and I was like I should have been a singer.
Melody: Hey, you could be a singer in my choir! Together again.

Rapid Fire Round with Melody

If you could have any three people (dead or alive) over for dinner – who would they be?: Bill Bell, Beethoven and Camille Paglia
You’re alone on an island. What three things would you bring?: Earplugs, eye mask and a sleeping bag
Favourite TV show: I’m going to default to The Young and the Restless
Last song that was stuck in your head: A song by Mason Williams
Biggest pet peeve: Today it’s having a hard time finding stevia

This or That with Amelia

Phone call or text: Phone call
Invisibility or super strength: Invisibility
Movie at home or movie at the theatre: Theatre
Burgers or Tacos: Burgers
Winter or Summer: Summer
Dog or Cat: Dog
Day or Night: Day
Being too warm or being too cold: Too warm
Watch or play sports: Watch sports
Boat or plane: Boat

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