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Y&R Discussion: Cane’s Life Turns Around As He Moves On Without Lily

Y&R Discussion: Cane’s Life Turns Around As He Moves On Without Lily

Y&R Discussion: Cane’s Life Turns Around As He Moves On Without Lily



Last week, we saw Dina, Billy, and Cane’s storyline move along nicely as the Newman drama fell to the wayside. Sharon’s blow-up about her kids becoming poor because of Nick’s donation had us all collectively rolling our eyes, and the endless gym scenes reminded us that we should probably get up off the couch and into the gym ourselves at some point.

Cane’s Side Chick Moves Up The Ranks

Over the past few months, we’ve watched the breakdown of Cane and Lily’s marriage, which is unfortunate because of how well they suit each other as a couple. Personally, I’ve always adored them together, so it was upsetting to see them being torn apart so viciously. Cane has been written as an insecure, conniving character who makes unintelligent decisions, which doesn’t seem to fit him in my opinion. As entertaining as it was to watch Cane spiral out of control, the damage done was so severe that he and Lily couldn’t recover. Now, enter Juliet. I always thought Juliet would be a temporary character who would come, wreak havoc, and leave town. But, they’re keeping her around a while longer, and I don’t mind. I couldn’t help but snicker when she came down the stairs of the Chancellor mansion, raving about how nice it is to live there, only to meet Lily at the bottom of the staircase. What a mess. At first, I thought this was yet another one of Cane’s stupid decisions, but then I was reminded that he’s a single man who can do what he wants, and if he wants to take care of his child’s mother, he has every right to. As angry as Lily is at Cane, deep down she still loves him, and I can only wonder if the confrontation will make her re-think the divorce…or perhaps it solidifies to her what an idiot Cane really is? In any case, any woman would be shaken at the sight of her ex-husband shacking up with his side chick before the ink has dried on the divorce papers. It seems Juliet is moving closer and closer to “checkmate.”

Will The Real Phyllis Please Stand Up

We all know Phyllis. She’s beautiful, smart, feisty, and passionate, but insecure? I don’t think so. They have certainly watered down her character with the new actress Gina Tognoni, who stresses about Billy’s every move. Michelle Stafford’s Phyllis would never grovel and whine for Billy’s attention. She would chew him up and spit him out for bouncing back and forth between her and Victoria. The old Phyllis wouldn’t be able to act normal after finding out Billy was lying to her, patiently waiting for him be honest and blaming Victoria for his deception all the while. Sigh. Meanwhile, Billy has gotten so careless with logging into Phyllis’s devices that he immediately went for her phone as soon as she turned her back. That’s when we saw the return of feisty Phyllis, which I quite enjoyed. The look of fear in Billy’s eyes as she yelled at him was priceless! Let’s see how this plays out, considering Phyllis is obsessed with Billy and won’t want to let him go for Victoria to scoop up.

On a side note, is Victoria some kind of superhuman? She keeps brushing herself off after serious accidents like nothing happened. This must be leading up to some kind of breakdown…

Bloodworth Is Out For Blood

After Graham’s blowup at Ashley’s dinner, I was sure that he made it very clear that he hated Dina and her family. That’s why I was confused as he sat by Dina’s bedside, assuring her that he’s the only one who cares for her. Excuse me? How is that even remotely believable? But there’s a chance that Dina will fall for it because she’s held Graham in such high regard. She probably wants to believe that he has her back. Regardless, Dina is in big trouble. Graham has already left her for dead, so you can only imagine what he’ll get up to now that he’s alone with her and his inheritance is in jeopardy.

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