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Big Brother 20’s Winston Hines Reflects on the Bromance, Brett Robinson’s Lie

Big Brother 20’s Winston Hines Reflects on the Bromance, Brett Robinson’s Lie

Big Brother 20’s Winston Hines Reflects on the Bromance, Brett Robinson’s Lie


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Without the ability to positively confirm or deny it, a lie in the Big Brother 20 house can be a very powerful weapon if used correctly. Brett Robinson did just that on last night’s eviction show. His accusation about Rockstar (Angie Lantry) flipping on her alliance has caused all manner of chaos in the house. Brett’s closest friend and latest Big Brother evictee, Winston Hines, had no idea Brett was about to pull the pin out of that grenade.

“That was all just Brett trying to drop a bomb on his exit out. He did not tell me anything about that. We had worked on a couple of exist speeches. I had a poem and was ready to rip Scottie [Salton] a new one but I didn’t use it because I thought that I might stay and could win Scottie back over, work with him in the future. When Brett dropped that bomb on the whole house I think he was just trying to stir the pot on his way out. I don’t think there was any truth to that statement. It is funny that it ended up being a 6 to 5 vote,” said Winston.

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According to Winston, Rockstar had her issues with the bros right from the very start. She never warmed up to them and both bros knew she was not a fan without her saying anything to them.

“She hated us from the very beginning. It was interesting because I could definitely feel the hate coming from her. I had a good conversation with her the other day trying to smooth things over. Ultimately, I think the whole bro thing got on her nerves. I get that. She is older and didn’t want to deal with us. Maybe we rubbed her the wrong way but that is Big Brother. You are not going to get along with everyone in the house,” said Winston detailing his relationship with Sam Bledsoe, another houseguest he had a few issues with.

John Powell: Last night you were really angry at Sam because she didn’t use the Power App on you. You have had some time to reflect on things. How do you feel today?

Winston Hines: “Yeah, I was pretty frustrated to be honest. She is a very interesting character. I would never say anything bad about her. She is a sweetheart but the game got to her. I knew she had a Power App. Up until about 30 minutes before the vote I was trying to get Brett to have a one-on-one with her. I didn’t want to push her over the edge because you have to walk on eggshells around her. I knew that if Brett had that conversation, I might have a better chance of getting her vote. There were a lot of things going on right before the vote. I should have had a one-on-one with her and asked her about the Power App and get her to use it. I was in the dark. I am frustrated and mad that she ultimately decided to vote for Brett. She is an interesting character, I will say that.”


John Powell: Last night’s vote genuinely surprised you. Why do you think they kept Brett over you?

Winston Hines: “Going into that vote I felt pretty confident it was going to be unanimous my way. I am really shocked that Tyler [Crispen] and them drew a line like that, them deciding to keep Brett. Here I am trying to rationalize why they want to keep Brett. I think they kept him simply because he was a bigger target for everyone and it is going to keep the heat off their backs. I get all of that but it was very frustrating.”

John Powell: It was fun watching you and Brett become good friends. What brought you two together?

Winston Hines: “Brett and I have similar backgrounds. We are both in sales. We have the same personality. We just clicked. He is like the little brother I never had. I just feel he has a lot of life left to experience. He is funny. He kept me sane in that house. And we both came to play.”

John Powell: What do you think of Scottie targeting you and Brett? Did you feel you were back in high school again?

Winston Hines: “Scottie and I connected. That is what was so frustrating for me and Brett. We had more conversations with Scottie and Steve [Arienta] than anyone else in the house. Brett and I were blindsided by that nomination. My reaction was genuine. I was mad as fire. His logic made sense in the fact that we were big threats. We had every chance to win the Veto and we didn’t. That frustrated me to no end.”

John Powell: What surprised you the most about life in the Big Brother house?

Winston Hines: “I knew that 24/7 you are playing a game. Even the moments alone that you have to yourself, I would take a minute and read my Bible in the morning and I was still thinking about the conversations I needed to have that day, what needs to happen. Your mind is constantly at work. It is exhausting. It is mentally exhausting.”

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