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The Late Show Goes Live For Debate Coverage

The Late Show Goes Live For Debate Coverage

The Late Show Goes Live For Debate Coverage


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will be broadcasting live this Wednesday, October 7 for up-to-the-minute debate 2020 coverage!


Election 2020

It’s a rip-roaring race between Fightin’ Joe Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump. With the election just over a month away, many Americans are still choosing their candidate – or choosing if they can even be bothered to vote. And that’s what the debates are about for the candidates: inspiring voters.

But last week’s debate between Trump and Biden turning into a high-school pissing contest. And while entertaining, it’s not typical of how one would expect two leaders of the world’s super power to behave.

“Shut up, Man,” Biden, 2020, gif.

This week’s Vice Presidential debate between VP Mike Pence and Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris should be a return to traditional form. Pence and Harris are career politicians, and neither are likely to be showing signs of dementia nor do they have more experience hosting a reality show than being in politics.

And that’s where Colbert comes in. Colbert only goes live a handful of times a year. Usually in situations like this, where he’s providing very recent coverage of a political address. As he did with last week’s debate, he’ll follow the Vice President debate on October 7 with a live show, providing a breakdown of the event accented with his own scathing political comedy.

All debates are still scheduled to carry on as normal – how that will carry on with Trump currently being treated for COVID-19 remains to be seen.


Colbert’s Guest: Pete Buttigieg

Current mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and former candidate for President Pete Buttigieg will be Colbert’s live guest on Wednesday’s show. Another former presidential candidate who isn’t seeping into the, Buttigieg will provide his more serious political commentary alongside Stephen, once the latter is done with his jokes. The two will possibly share a drink, and definitely have a laugh. But they will also recap the evening’s star event as though it were a football play on instant replay.

The Vice President debates rarely turn voters. But, like the presidential debates, they may inspire. It won’t be as degenerate as the Trump v. Biden debates, but it will be more edifying. And right now, are we all just a bit entertained-out?

Watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert go live on Wednesday October 7 at 11.35 et/pt. And tune in to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airing weeknights at 11.35 et/pt on Global, and watch the latest episodes and clips online here on GlobalTV.com or the Global TV App!