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Survivor: Ghost Island Cast Revealed!

Survivor: Ghost Island Cast Revealed!

Survivor: Ghost Island Cast Revealed!


The new Survivor cast that will brave “Ghost Island” has been revealed. Among them are a couple of YouTube personalities, a former White House intern, a Survivor reporter and a former Disney World Princess.

The “Ghost Tribe” theme itself revolves around the bad decisions of past players. As part of the series, there is a haunted island that through the course of the game players may be sent to. The [ghost] island contains a graveyard of artifacts representing those past Survivor blunders.

The new cast members are:

Naviti Tribe (Purple)

Angela Perkins


A 21-year military veteran who did work for the Psychological Operations Battalion. She now owns her own construction management company.

Chelsea Townsend


A former professional cheerleader for the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Rams. She is also an EMT.

Desiree Afuye


A Youtube personality (https://www.youtube.com/user/DefinatelyDes/videos) and student studying broadcast communication.

Kellyn Bechtold


A career counselor who compares herself to Kelley Wentworth and Aubry Bracco.

Morgan Ricke


A marine animal trainer at SeaWorld Orlando.

Bradley Kleihege


A 26-year-old law student who is an avid sailor.

Chris Noble


A professional model who has represented such brands as Hugo Boss and Versace.

Domenick Abbate


A 38-year-old crossfit enthusiast and poker player. The Survivor he closely relates to is Cirie Fields.

Sebastian Noel


A 22-year-old fishing guide.

Wendell Holland


He owns a furniture company and sees much of himself in Survivor winner, Jeremy Collins.

Malolo Tribe (Orange)

Jenna Bowman


An account executive who volunteers for the non-profit Wish Upon a Teen organization and whose hero is Shailene Woodley from The Divergent series of movies.

Laurel Johnson


A financial consultant, Survivor superfan and athlete.

Libby Vincek


A model and former Disney World Princess who also has her own Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChJo2ljeG0mPNbgJNa5m76A).

Stephanie Gonzalez


She has a career in graphic sales and compares herself to Tony Vlachos and Kelly Wiglesworth.

Stephanie Johnson


A yoga instructor who also takes part in Ironman competitions.

Brendan Shapiro


A 41-year-old physical education teacher who compares himself to Jeremy Collins and Tom Westman.

Donathan Hurley


A 26-year-old caretaker who identifies with Cirie Fields and Todd Herzog, among other Survivor alum.

Jacob Derwin


Is a sometime Survivor reporter and an accomplished musician who works as a music teacher. The Survivors he claims to be most like are Stephen Fishbach and David Wright.

James Lim


He interned at the White House under former President Barack Obama and is now a business analyst.

Michael Yerger

An 18-year-old model and realtor. He is an avid martial artist having studied various disciplines.

Survivor: Ghost Island premieres with a special 2-Hour episode on February 28th on Global from 8 to 10 PM.

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