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Survivor: Edge of Extinction Cast Assessment

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Cast Assessment

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Cast Assessment


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Being voted out is just the beginning of the Survivor: Edge of Extinction adventure this season. The ‘Edge of Extinction’ is a forsaken beach where those who are voted off can stay if they wish for a chance to return to the game.

Without watching a single episode, basing my thoughts on being a veteran Survivor fan/reporter and gathering information from their pre-game interviews, bios and videos, here are my pre-season predictions.

Julia Carter


A moderate, confident, clever superfan. She could make the final tribal council if a little bit of luck and fate are on her side.

Rating: A+

Gavin Whitson


An understated, underrated player who looks to be extremely loyal and trustworthy.

Rating: A+

Keith Sowell


Things are going to go either one of two ways for Keith. He is either going to annoy the crap out of people or he will be everyone’s little brother, son, etc.

Rating: A+

Eric Hafemann


A humble family man who is playing the game for his loved ones back home. Could he be another Terry Deitz in the making?

Rating: A+

Reem Daly


She is honest to a fault which can be a great quality in life but not the Survivor game. I see her as taking on the mom role as long as she has the ability to relax and not be controlling.

Rating: A-

Rick Devens


He is a smart, outgoing guy but because of his personality he is probably not seen as a serious threat. That might get him far into the game.

Rating: A-

Julie Rosenberg


She admits to not being a fan of people invading her personal space and can be paranoid. Something tells me though she is going to be even tempered and play a mom role like Reem.

Rating: A-

Dan “The Wardog” DaSilva


He works well with young people. That could give him an edge. His success at Survivor will all depend on him keeping his personality reined in.

Rating: B+

Joe Anglim


He may last a little bit longer than the other returnees because of his athletic skills and his charisma but I suspect the pair of veterans on each tribe will be easy targets for the other players.

Rating: B+

Lauren O’Connell


She could be a triple threat if she can carve out a decent alliance for herself.

Rating: B+

Chris Underwood


He has survival skills and a lot of charm which could translate into a deep Survivor run.

Rating: B-

Kelley Wentworth


It would appear the easiest thing to do would be for the rookies to put the veterans on the chopping block.

Rating: C

Ron Clark


A self-professed sore loser who is too competitive.

Rating: C+

Victoria Baamonde


Admits she doesn’t have patience, is controlling, brags a lot and has been known to shout down other people. A Survivor disaster waiting to happen.

Rating: C-

David Wright


He is a known mastermind and manipulator. He should be voted off almost immediately.

Rating: C-

Aubry Bracco


No different than David. Her reputation will proceed her. I don’t see her lasting very long.

Rating: C-

Wendy Diaz


A bubbly personality, she cannot contain her excitement. She will likely be that irritating player who is voted out for being that…irritating to others.

Rating: C-

Aurora McCreary


Opinionated, gets into arguments a lot and gets in people’s faces often. She is also an attorney.

Rating: C-