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Survivor 45 Mid-Season Report Card

Survivor 45 Mid-Season Report Card

Survivor 45 Mid-Season Report Card


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

The jury is growing. The end game is in sight. What chance do the remaining castaways have to get to the end and become the Sole Survivor, claim that million dollar prize? Here are our thoughts:

From the start Dee has been portrayed as the mastermind at Reba and the one who has the most social currency. People see her as an ally, a threat and the go-to player in that alliance. It would make logical sense that she comes out of the shadows so to speak during the final phase of the game.

The way Emily’s edit has been presented it would lead me to believe that her journey could very well lead her to the final phase of the game. Her winning or at least making her pitch to the final tribal council would be the perfect climax to her Survivor story. Whether she wins or not though is another story.

The edit has shied away from it lately but Julie and Dee are just as strong an alliance or a pairing as Austin and Drew. The perception is that Dee is the Reba mastermind so it is in Dee’s best interest to carry her along right to the end.

Austin is very well protected. Not only does he have his advantages to call upon if he needs them but he has paired up with Drew and Emily. One suspects that eventually his time and luck will run out unless he is used as a shield by the others. The smart strategy though would be to dump him as soon as he doesn’t win immunity.

Drew is a very dangerous player and all of his allies know that. Once the core alliance has to turn inward you can expect Drew will be the first to be targeted along with his partnership with Austin.

Jake is just a complete mess. As such he isn’t much of a threat to anyone left in the game which is why the new Reba alliance will leave him as the last original Belo boot or he could be dragged even further up the ladder as a player who could be a number but not much of a danger to keep around.

Kendra has been here and there and everywhere. Her quirky character hasn’t effected her social game in the least but like Bruce she is a member of that original Belo alliance which is slowly but surely being eradicated by the new Reba alliance.

She has had a one-track, narrow-minded approach to the game. Her focus has been on three things: How to get Bruce out? How to send Bruce home? How to vote out Bruce? I think you get the picture. At least that is what the editing suggests. I somehow think that there is more to Katurah then we are being led to believe. I don’t think any of that though will assist her in progressing far in the game except past her Belo tribemates.


To say he has had a chaotic game is a phenomenal understatement. There is no lack of trying on his part. Bruce has really taken advantage of his second chance at playing Survivor. His lack of self-awareness though, the differences in generations or perhaps a little of both, have made him one of the most wanted on Survivor island. His Survivor clock was ticking down a very long time ago, before the merge even.