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Survivor 45 Finale Predictions

Survivor 45 Finale Predictions

Survivor 45 Finale Predictions


John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Tonight, the newest Sole Survivor will be revealed. Who will it be? Here are our predictions for tonight’s finale.

Sole Survivor

Dee has had her hand on the wheel guiding things along almost this entire season. Her allies trusted in her, confided in her and protected her. Although he didn’t win many challenges she compensated for that with very strong social and strategic games. She wins unanimously.


There is a reason I believe they showed Katurah and Jake practicing making fire a few episodes ago while Austin was hanging around with Dee. After many failed moves in the game Jake will finally pull one out and beat Austin in fire-making as Dee takes Katurah to the end over him. Katurah has no resume and would be the perfect goat. Jake though gets no votes at the final tribal council.


Dee already told Julie she is not her ride-or-die which perhaps leaves her twisting in the wind. Everyone knows she is a final tribal council threat due to her amazing social game though. She gets no votes either.


Austin’s feelings for his showmance get in the way of a decent final run in the game. As we have seen, Austin is willing to sacrifice his game for Dee but she is not willing to do the same in return. She knows that she will have a more difficult time at the final tribal if the charming Austin is there.


Like Jake, Katurah makes a fantastic goat as she has no Survivor resume either. She is an easy out for those wanting to cruise to the final four.