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Survivor 45: Awards Part Two

Survivor 45: Awards Part Two

Survivor 45: Awards Part Two


On Wednesday’s finale we will learn who is the Ultimate Survivor of season 45. But, before we get to that here is Part Two of our picks for this season’s Survivor Awards.

Our favourite twist this season wasn’t one particular twist. It was the challenge twists after the merge which established different teams, different immunity winners and different tribal councils to try and end the predictable Pagonging that happens every season because Survivor is a numbers game after all.

We didn’t even get to see this twist. It was edited out of the show. As Kendra told us, she visited Lulu, interacted with them and cast a vote at their tribal council. You can read all about the missing twist here. https://www.globaltv.com/kendra-on-her-missing-survivor-scene-strategic-game/

Emily’s story was the gift that kept on giving this season. Her redemption arch turned many critics into devoted fans.

We would have to say based on their performances, we would love to see Kaleb, Kellie and Emily play again but Emily would be at the top of the list for sure.

It is bad enough for one person to quit. That alone has such ramifications on the game and the tribe that is left behind. But to have THAT many people quit in one season? You cannot help but to question the casting choices now.

They literally were at odds off and on for 10 episodes. You don’t get more intense than that.

Many would argue that this award should go to Drew and Dee but their showmance was only revealed at the end of the series. The real showmance has been bros Drew and Austin who have been inseparable from almost the very start.

For the show, for the players having to explain themselves and for the die-hard fans all of the ‘quits’ this season were as awkward as awkward can be.

In a Reward/Immunity challenge the players had to crawl under a net, move a heavy cart, rolls a huge boulder to a platform and solve a word puzzle. We just love any challenge with giant boulders rolling over the course and potentially the castaways.

Unlike Australian Survivor who does theirs with so many other stressors on tap, this challenge was absolutely boring to watch play out with castaways just hanging there.

She didn’t win the game but the most talked about, the most intriguing player this season was Emily. Her journey was unforgettable.