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Survivor 44 Finale Predictions

Survivor 44 Finale Predictions

Survivor 44 Finale Predictions


John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Survivor 44 will crown its Sole Survivor tonight ending a very unpredictable season. Who will take home the million dollar check? Here are our predictions.

Sole Survivor

The difference here is that Yam Yam has a stellar social game, maybe one of the very best Survivor has ever seen. He has proven that he can talk his way out of anything and talk other players into almost anything. He has more social sway than Carolyn and that will be his saving grace. He will dominate the final tribal.


Although she has been one of the most colourful characters ever on Survivor, Carolyn’s actual game is a mixed bag. She has had moments of absolute brilliant and moments where she has fallen flat on her face. She just don’t have the social sway that Carson and Yam Yam have. She had admitted that articulating anything and everything that is on her mind can be good or bad for her. I predict she will put her foot in her mouth many times at the final tribal.


Like Carolyn, Heidi has been a very hot and cold player. She has been on and then off the mark quite a bit. She doesn’t seem to have the social influence that Carolyn, Carson or Yam Yam have and that will ultimately be the deciding factor that prevents her from taking home the million dollars.


Based on the little birdies who have been chirping all season long I have a sneaky suspicion that Survivor 44’s finale will follow the trajectory of last year. Carson is heads and shoulders above every other player this season. There is nobody who even comes close to the game he was playing but like Jessie last year he will see his game go up in flames due to that dreaded fire challenge. Two years in a row the best player gets torched? Please, no.


In all honesty, Lauren hasn’t been a much of a factor this season and likely won’t be much in the finale either.