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Secret power has houseguests guessing, Have-Not room revealed

Secret power has houseguests guessing, Have-Not room revealed

Secret power has houseguests guessing, Have-Not room revealed


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

The first App Store twist power and punishment have been awarded causing the houseguests to wonder who has the power and what they are going to do with it.

Faysal has the first App Store punishment. He has been forced to eat a diet of vegetarian ham.

While wondering where Scottie’s loyalties lie, Angela and Winston tried to guess who has the App Store power.

“I am kinda paranoid now because I am wondering what kind of power Swaggy got,” said Winston on the live feeds.

“It is not Swaggy,” Angela answered.

“Who is it then? Is it one of them?” asked Winston.

“It is JC and he doesn’t want to tell us,” Angela speculated. “I am not a hundred percent though.”

“That would be my guess too,” said Rachel joining the conversation.

“What if it is something that alters the Veto? They take someone off and put someone else on,” asked Winston.

“It could very well be that,” said Angela.

“I am really worried about our numbers right now,” Winston said.

“I think JC has it,” said Rachel.

“I hope he does,” said Winston.

“I am 90 percent sure the other side doesn’t have it. Don’t worry,” said Rachel trying to reassure Winston.

“He (JC) looked at me and said not to worry about it. I wasn’t going to press him,” said Angela.

“I am literally not worried at all. I am weirdly comfortable. Is that strange?” asked Rachel.

“I am a major target,” sighed Angela.

“Same here,” said Winston.

The “them” or the “other side” the trio were talking about are Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Angie, Faysal, Swaggy C and possibly Bayleigh. Winston, Angela and Rachel are aligned with Brett, JC, Kaycee and Tyler.

Earlier, a very excitable Winston couldn’t help but to recount his story of catching Kaitlyn eavesdropping at the HoH door, something she has been caught doing time and time again.

Feed watchers also got their first look at the new Have-Not Room (pictured above). It appears to be decorated with old computers, circuitry and the beds are round and speaker-shaped.

Kaitlyn, Brett, Scottie and Winston are the Have-Nots this week.

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