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Big Brother 20’s Scottie Salton Says Fessy is a ‘Sketch Monster’ and a ‘Hypocrite’

Big Brother 20’s Scottie Salton Says Fessy is a ‘Sketch Monster’ and a ‘Hypocrite’

Big Brother 20’s Scottie Salton Says Fessy is a ‘Sketch Monster’ and a ‘Hypocrite’


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Big Brother 20‘s Scottie Salton is firing back. The 26-year-old shipping manager from Chicago took a lot of heat this week from HoH (Head of Household) Fessy (Faysal Shafaat) about his loyalties in the house. Now, Scottie is calling Faysal out saying he has no respect for how he is playing the game.

“Talking to Fessy is like talking to a wall. All he does is ask sketch ball questions, even if he is trying to get information. At least if Tyler [Crispen] or Haleigh [Broucher] wanted information they were sly about it and I respect that. Fess wasn’t sly and he is a hypocrite,” said Scottie.

To Scottie, Faysal is not a strong player based on the way he conducts himself and how he carries out his strategies, schemes.

“Right now Fess is playing the worst game. The guy is a total sketch monster. He will announce when he is having a meeting with someone. He is probably in a secret alliance with someone but his is the game I respect the least,” said Scottie.

If Faysal is the playing the worst who is the best in Scottie’s mind?

John Powell: Now that you are a juror what qualities in a winner are most important to you?

Scottie Salton: “I would say JC is playing the best game right now. No one except me even has him on their radar. He seems to be on the right side of the vote each week. On a social level he says so much crap that would normally upset people, but it doesn’t.”

John Powell: What was your strategy going in and how did it change as the game evolved?

Scottie Salton: “My strategy going in was to always try hard during competitions and to be honest for the first three or so weeks so I could build relationships and people would trust me. Then, I would scheme more. How it unfolded – I was honest for the most part, except the Swaggy thing but then I couldn’t stop telling the truth but people thought I was being shady. Because I wore glasses people thought I was smarter than I actually am. After Steve [Arienta] left, I was the wild card. I thought I’d always be in the loop and connect with people more. What happened is I connected on a personal level but not on a game level with everyone and I underestimated the importance of all that.”

John Powell: Whether it be social, strategic or the challenges themselves, did you surprise yourself at how very well you did in the house? You did make it quite far.

Scottie Salton: “Well, I think socially I did a pretty good job. Strategically, I did a very bad job. Competitions – UGH – I could have done so much better. I came in second in eight of the competitions. I just kept doing something stupid in the competitions that would cost me the whole thing. I was consistently one of the best in every competition but just couldn’t close the deal.”



John Powell: Who do you feel the most betrayed by?

Scottie Salton: “Right now, I’d say Tyler. I got a feeling by the stuff he started asking me that he knew everything before it happened. Right before the eviction he asked me if I had a power app. I’m pretty sure he knows more than he ever told me.”

John Powell: You wore a Swaggy shirt and then voted him out. Savage. Do you regret making that move and what was the thought process behind that?

Scottie Salton: “Do I regret it? Nope! I was going into that day planning to keep him then throughout the day I realized I needed to be on the right side of the vote but I didn’t want to change my shirt. I liked my shirt. I thought it was funny.”

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