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Survivor: Ghost Island Cast Assessment

Survivor: Ghost Island Cast Assessment

Survivor: Ghost Island Cast Assessment


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

The mysterious Ghost Island, a graveyard of past Survivor mistakes, awaits the unfortunate players who get sent there this season. Before we get to all of the backstabbing, the showmances and Jeff Probst‘s million dollar smile, here is our assessment of the Survivor: Ghost Island cast without having seen a single episode. Enjoy!


Michael Yerger


Athletic ability but no large personality. Down to earth player who could slip through the cracks with a solid social game and his natural ability as a challenge threat.

Pre-Season Rating: A+

Angela Perkins


This army veteran and business woman worked in the psychological Operations Battalion has all the makings of a Sole Survivor if she can stifle her admitted “aggressive nature”. If we had to pick, one of our definite front-runners to win it all.

Pre-Season Rating: A+

Brendan Shapiro


A seemingly all-around decent guy who knows how to manage and bring people together. His social game could very well be his most powerful weapon. Another front-runner.

Pre-Season Rating: A+

Wendell Holland


Very relatable, not threatening and could be the type of player who acts as a puppet master behind the scenes due to the unquestioning trust and loyalty of others.

Pre-Season Rating: A+

Chelsea Townsend


She could be the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Clever, attractive and appears to be earnest. Is she the entire Survivor package?

Pre-Season Rating: A+

Libby Vincek


She will probably use her personality and looks to her advantage. A mirror image of Chelsea in most ways. It wouldn’t surprise us if they form a strong alliance or on the other hand, are bitter enemies after the merger.

Pre-Season Rating: A+

James Lim


He is very disciplined and could connect with others well. He has also done his Survivor research. Another person who cannot afford to come off as cold and detached.

Pre-Season Rating: A

Sebastian Noel

Has all the makings of one of those players who make it to the jury and no further.

Pre-Season Rating: B+

Stephanie Johnson


A very straightforward person who might have to tone down her personality so as not to cause waves. She should be a strong player for her tribe and will probably be kept around because of that.

Mid-Season Rating: B+

Donathan Hurley


Looks to be quite personable and positive while understanding how to harness those qualities to his benefit. He might be able to charm people and lull them into trusting him.

Pre-Season Rating: B+

Domenick Abbate


The mirror image of Brendan but he seems to be more focused, more self-aware and fits the Tony, Boston Rob type

Mid-Season Rating: B+

Jacob Derwin


I don’t like his chances. He is more of a loner and discussed how he was not the most social person growing up. His quirky personality might buy him some time though.

Pre-Season Rating: B-

Laurel Johnson


She doesn’t like camping and doesn’t like bugs. She acknowledges that she is completely out of her element. Because she graduated from Yale she thinks she will be the smartest person out there. Her words. Not mine. She also wants to make “big moves” as a superfan.

Pre-Season Rating: B-

Bradley Kleihege


Well-spoken although he owned up to liking to play mind games with people and can be seen as very calculating. If he cannot curb these characteristics he won’t go far.

Pre-Season Rating: B-

Chris Noble


He is a massive athletic threat although one wonders if he is really that self-aware.

Pre-Season Rating: B-

Kellyn Bechtold


Too expressive and this could turn people off. She doesn’t seem very self-assured or very resolute in how she wants to go forward. She has confessed that she is still finding her way through life.

Mid-Season Rating: C

Stephanie Gonzalez


Things will either go one of two ways for Stephanie, she will either be able to adapt really well to the game and the experience or she will fall flat on her face, make a ton of elementary mistakes.

Pre-Season Rating: C

Desiree Afuye


Admits she is head-strong and doesn’t do well in controlling or hiding her emotions, which is key to playing Survivor.

Mid-Season Rating: C-

Jenna Bowman


Doesn’t seem trust-worthy, she has no filter and praised the “hot men” this season.

Mid-Season Rating: C-

Morgan Ricke


She “tells it like it is”, is always massively positive and says she talks very loud..always.

Pre-Season Rating: C-

Survivor: Ghost Island premieres with a special 2-Hour episode on February 28th on Global from 8 to 10 PM.

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