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Big Brother 20’s Rachel Swindler Can’t Wait to Confront Angela

Big Brother 20’s Rachel Swindler Can’t Wait to Confront Angela

Big Brother 20’s Rachel Swindler Can’t Wait to Confront Angela


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

It was nasty. It was savage. It was bad enough that Las Vegas entertainer Rachel Swindler was betrayed by her entire alliance and voted out of the Big Brother 20 house. It was even worse that her best friend in the game, Angela Rummans, cruelly rubbed salt in the wounds.

“You lied to my face and your stories make no sense. Our final two deal is about irrelevant as you were week two. I am sorry, Rachel, but you are going home,” said Angela during her goodbye message.


Still stinging from the eviction and Angela’s duplicity, Rachel jumped at the chance to respond.

“I will be able to watch things back and see how loyal she was to me. For her to say our final two deal was irrelevant makes no sense to me. She never, ever, made me feel our deal was irrelevant. She made me feel like I was her ride or die to the end. I had a moment one day; we were trying to act like we didn’t like each other for the longest time to get the targets off our backs because we were considered a duo. One day, I felt it was so real that I got emotional and she felt so bad, we had a moment in the laundry room. I will be definitely be saying a couple of words to her on finale night. I am excited about that,” said Rachel not understanding why Angela couldn’t have come to her to talk about things since they were so close.

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Angela isn’t the only one Rachel is disappointed in. She is also feels let down by the entire Level Six Alliance.

“I am an emotional person. I trusted Angela. I trusted my alliance, especially Angela and Kaycee [Clark]. Brett [Robinson], I like Brett but I didn’t want him to go very far in the game because I knew how much of a threat he was. I was definitely onto Brett. Angela and Kaycee are the ones that really hurt,” said Rachel stating that if she had the chance she would have called them all out before she left.

John Powell: Looking back at your exit is there anything you would have done differently?

Rachel Swindler: “I would have called all of Level Six out. I would have called my entire alliance out. I would have thrown all of their games under the bus. I would have been like…Angela you are a snake! I would have called them all out.”

John Powell: Last night, you were very upset, very emotional. How are you feeling this morning?

Rachel Swindler: “I am feeling fine. I understand it is a game and I am a Big Brother fan. I have been a fan since Season 1. I went out on a blaze of glory. I wish I had called a couple of people out when I was leaving.”

John Powell: Bayleigh Dayton promised you were nothing but a pawn and she had the votes to keep you in the house. Do you feel betrayed by her too in any way or do you think the circumstances were beyond her control?

Rachel Swindler: “If Bayleigh was in on this, I will be very disappointed in her. I mean, I had a Bible study with that girl. To me, using a manipulation tool like that is really, really dirty. I hope she was not involved in this.”

John Powell: I want to discuss something very sensitive and let you have your public say on the matter. At the start of the series some controversial statements were made in a discussion you had with Angela. What is your take on all of that?


Rachel Swindler: “In the house a lot of things get blown out of proportion and misconstrued. I definitely did not mean for it to come off that way. That is NOT who I am. That is NOT what I think of people. It actually hurts me. I cried when I heard about it. It is very sensitive to me. I understand that things can be taken out of context and I am here to say that is NOT what I stand for, NOT what I meant and I apologize to anybody I may have offended.”

John Powell: We saw you mention several times that you might have feelings for Brett. How do you feel about him today?

Rachel Swindler: “It was a weird thing for me. I was trying to figure out what I thought about him in the house. I don’t have feelings for Brett now. I don’t want anything to do with Brett. I don’t care about that boy.”


John Powell: If you had made the jury, who would you have voted for as the winner of Big Brother 20?

Rachel Swindler: “At this point, I would vote for Tyler [Crispen] to win. He is playing the best game. He is working all angles.”

John Powell: I know it must be a bittersweet moment for you but are you glad in any way that you didn’t make the jury?

Rachel Swindler: “Honestly, I am kind of glad that I will be back home. To be stuck in jury, granted I would have gotten more money, but it wasn’t about the money for me. It was about the experience, the love of the game. I get to see my friends and family who love me, I get to see my dog and I get to have a drink!”

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