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Perfect ending for Big Brother winner

Perfect ending for Big Brother winner

Perfect ending for Big Brother winner


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

It was the ideal ending for Big Brother 20 winner, Kaycee Clark. What topped off her 5 to 4 victory over Coast to Coast, Level 6 Alliance mate Tyler Crispen, was that her mother and father were in the audience to celebrate with her.

“It meant everything! To walk out and see their faces, my mom screaming and my dad with his hands up in the air, was amazing! They are my Number One fans. They are there for all of my (football) games. It is just so good to see. To have them there when I won the game I absolutely love was perfect,” Kaycee said to GlobalTV.com.

Kaycee stayed loyal to Tyler taking him to the jury vote. Although she might have had an easier win picking JC instead, Kaycee says she never considered betraying Tyler.

“It is funny because I am getting that question a lot today. It never crossed my mind. It never did, not even a little bit. I knew I was loyal to Tyler from Day One. I had his back, he had mine. There was nothing that was going to steer me away from that. It was such an easy decision. Of course I love JC – LGBT representing! – but I had a final two with Tyler so there was no question in my mind,” she said.

Throughout the season, Tyler bore the bitter brunt of the evictions for Level 6, getting a lot of blood on his hands leaving the other alliance members unscathed for the most part. That fact wasn’t lost on Kaycee as the finale approached.

“I knew throughout the season that Tyler was doing a lot. He played a really great game at the same time though; he was pissing a lot of people off. Lying to people makes them feel horrible. That is why I was happy to take Tyler to the end. If I took JC or Tyler I still felt like I could win because I didn’t have blood on my hands and the jury loved me a little more because I was honest and he just got a lot of blood on his hands for sure,” she said.

What helped Level 6 and Coast to Coast was the fact that the FOUTTE (Five Of Us Till The End) or Hive Alliance played so chaotically making unbelievably terrible game decisions such as nominating and voting out their own allies. Looking back, Kaycee couldn’t help but to chuckle at their misfortune.

“It was crazy! We were sitting back and laughing as they were attacking themselves! They had no loyalty. They couldn’t trust each other. They were just talking way too much. They were always very obvious. With Level 6, we kept things a secret and we were loyal to each other. We didn’t have to have meetings every five minutes. It was amazing! We had such a good team. They were doing all the work for us. We weren’t in power but we managed to make our way through,” said Kaycee praising her Level 6 pals.

Having won five Veto Competitions during Big Brother 20, Kaycee is now tied with Janelle Pierzina (Big Brother: All-Stars), Daniele Donato (Big Brother 8) and Paul Abrahamian (Big Brother 19) for the most Power of Veto wins in a single season. Kaycee is proud of her accomplishment and also to stand beside Big Brother legends she watched play the game.

“It feels so good, man! I was bummed because I didn’t get started playing Veto until Day 46, pretty much half-way through the season. I was itching to play in competitions. The competitions were all fun and I loved them all. It just feels so good because I am a HUGE competitor. It was cool. I loved it,” she said.

One subject that weighed on the minds of live feed watchers all season was Kaycee’s hair. Many never understood why if she has such wonderful hair does she wear it in a bun all the time. The answer is simple: practicality.

“This is the first time that a lot of my friends have seen my hair down. It is the craziest thing. It just doesn’t like it in my way. People have told me just to cut it. I don’t want to cut it. I don’t know. I just don’t know how to wear it down and it got really long in the house,” she laughed when asked about why she wears it the way she does.

While she is not sure what lies ahead in the near future, there is one at least one thing Kaycee wants to accomplish and that is to return to the sport she loves: professional football.

“I don’t know how crazy my life is going to be after the show but I love playing. My dad tells me to keep playing because I am only getting older. (Laughs) When I do go back I want to play quarterback. I want to play at least one season as a quarterback,” she confirmed.