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New Movies Coming To The Global TV App This Week | July 28-August 3

New Movies Coming To The Global TV App This Week | July 28-August 3

New Movies Coming To The Global TV App This Week | July 28-August 3

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Limitless (2011) – Streaming Thursday, July 30

Eddie, dismayed by his bleak future, is urged to try a drug that gives him a razor-sharp mind. As he makes progress in the stock market, he attracts the attention of a few negative elements.

Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) – Streaming Monday, August 3

The Autobots, a faction of robots from the planet Cybertron, are hunted down by an elite CIA black ops unit and a ruthless bounty hunter. They turn to a struggling inventor and his daughter for help.


Love on a Limb – Streaming Tuesday, July 28

Always willing to fight for a just cause, Aimie Roarke chains herself to her town’s beloved oak tree to stop the mayor from cutting it down. While attempting to outwait her, a handsome landscaper becomes close to her.


All Things Valentine – Streaming Wednesday, July 29

A blogger who experiences terrible luck on Valentine’s Day meets a handsome veterinarian. When she finds out that he’s the one who’s been leaving rude comments about her articles, she begins to question whether her luck has really changed.


Love in Design – Streaming Thursday, July 30

A television star returns to her small New England hometown to renovate a historical manor. When an old flame is assigned to approve her designs, the two must find harmony between the old and the new.


Stranded in Paradise – Streaming Friday, July 31

Laid off from her corporate job, a woman (Vanessa Marcil) embarks on a getaway to Puerto Rico and meets a handsome man (James Denton).


Mystery 101: Dead Talk – Streaming Friday, July 31

Amy heads to Seattle to give a TEDTalk-style lecture. When a tech genius dies, Amy suspects foul play. When local cops shut her out, Travis joins forces with Amy to figure out whodunit.


Mystery 101: Playing Dead – Streaming Saturday, August 1

A community theater troupe mounts a production of a murder mystery that Amy Winslow unearthed; on opening night, someone tries to kill the leading lady, and Travis is forced to halt the show because it has become a crime scene.


Wedding of Dreams – Streaming Saturday, August 1

Debbie turns her back on the music business and finds true love. When her manager tries to pull her back into the limelight, she must decide whether music or love comes first.


Bottled with Love – Streaming Sunday, August 2

After being stood up on a date, a woman writes down her feelings, places the letter in a bottle, and throws it into the ocean. Months later, a fisherman discovers the message and decides to reach out.


The Story of Us – Streaming Sunday, August 2

After 15 years of marriage, Katie (Michelle Pfeiffer) and her husband, Ben (Bruce Willis), have grown apart. While they keep up the facade of having a contented marriage, mostly to not worry their children, they aren’t happy together and argue frequently. While the kids are away at camp, Katie and Ben decide to separate and try to reassess their relationship to see if they should stay together or split up for good. Can they find enough that’s positive in their marriage to keep it going?


Love at Sunset Terrace – Streaming Sunday, August 2

A girl tries to play matchmaker for her widowed father when a woman rents one of his rooms.


Romance in the Air – Streaming Sunday, August 2

After learning her job is on the line, Eden returns to Lake Tahoe where she used to spend her summers growing up. There she’s reunited with her childhood friend Riley and finds that the draw of her past might direct her future to a happiness she’s been missing in her life.


My Boyfriends’ Dogs – Streaming Monday, August 3

A young woman with three dogs she adopted from past relationships recounts the story of how her search for true love led her to canine companionship.


Season for Love – Streaming Monday, August 3

After her divorce, a woman returns to her hometown to spend the summer with her daughter and mother. At her daughter’s urging, she signs up for the town’s annual barbecue competition, where she runs into her high school sweetheart. Old feelings resurface as they spend time together, but she convinces herself that she has no time for distractions when there’s a competition to win.


Summer Love – Streaming Monday, August 3

After going back to school, a widowed suburban mom struggles to adjust when an internship lands her in the fast-paced world of millionaire app designers.