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Live Feeds Spoilers: Noms chat, Tom and Kato debate a ‘dangerous’ idea

Live Feeds Spoilers: Noms chat, Tom and Kato debate a ‘dangerous’ idea

Live Feeds Spoilers: Noms chat, Tom and Kato debate a ‘dangerous’ idea


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Head of Household Kato has nominated Dina and Tamar for eviction this week.

When the feeds returned after being out for nine hours on Saturday due to Tamar and Lolo’s heated argument, Dina and Tamar confided in each other.

“They have brought people back on the other Big Brother,” said Dina wondering if her friend outside of the house, Jonathan, would be brought back to play.

“We are only in here for two more weeks,” said Tamar dismissing the idea.

“I don’t want to see like I am ungrateful. I really want to stay,” continued Tamar about the upcoming week.

Dina said she could have won the last HoH competition. The only thing preventing her from doing so was she was so cold.

“I was frozen,” Dina admitted saying she feels so bad for Jonathan because he loves the Big Brother game.

Tamar thinks some of the other women are only concerned about how they are being portrayed and perceived on the show.

“All they are worried about is who America’s Favourite Housguest is,” Tamar said.

Later in the evening, Kato and Dina met in the HoH room. Kato felt bad he had to nominate Dina and reference her relationship with Jonathan.

“I feel so freaking awful,” said Kato.

“It is such a weird game,” replied Dina.

“Yeah, it is. It is a weird game,” Kato agreed.

“Your tax bracket is danishes, I am on donuts. I am trying to win the game as much as you are trying to win the game. I would love for you not to go,” said Kato about Dina being on the block.

Kato advised Dina to work the house to the best of her ability to make sure she stays over Tamar.

“Like what, suck up to people? Join the the team? I am not good at this. I don’t think that way,” said Dina.

Kato advised Dina to speak to Tom about who she can trust.

On Sunday afternoon, Tom and Kato debated their plan of having a phony argument in the house to convince people that they are not working together.

Tom called the idea “dangerous”.

“If for any reason the acting doesn’t sell then we are in trouble,” he said.

Tom and Kato weighed the option of not having a blow-up but telling others, like Dina, they are fed up with one another.

“I would feel bad though because I would be lying to Dina but it is just a game, right?” Tom asked Kato.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight on Global from 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT. Kato’s HoH win will be shown along with his nominations.

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