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Live Feed Update: An imploding alliance fumbles and bumbles along

Live Feed Update: An imploding alliance fumbles and bumbles along

Live Feed Update: An imploding alliance fumbles and bumbles along


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Fun Five? Team Fun? Whatever you want to call them, Tom, Kato, Natalie, Lolo and Ricky are one of the most dysfunctional alliances in Big Brother history.

The backstabbing and duplicity within the group grew today when Natalie did not use the Power of Veto at the ceremony leaving Joey and Kandi as the final nominations for the week.

Kato and Tom met in a bedroom following the ceremony away from the prying eyes of the house.

“We are dealing with some people who don’t know what they are doing,” sighed Tom who offered to put up Lolo if the Power of the Publicist saves someone at the eviction.

Tom believes Ricky or Tamar has the power and it won’t be used this week.

“I will respect the Head of Household’s decision? Okay, you didn’t come to talk to me before,” said Tom of Natalie’s explanation at the ceremony.

Kato thinks Lolo and Natalie want Joey gone as he is their enemy.

“Do you think we should openly break up the alliance right now?” asked Tom.

“No, that is knee-jerk right now. We need to think about that,” Kato suggested.

Kato and Tom agreed Ricky has been doing some bad acting after the ceremony.

As if on cure, Ricky interrupted the chat claiming to be confused by Natalie’s decision. He thought they were going to target Tamar as she might have the power.

“They wouldn’t talk to us all day. They were avoiding us,” said Tom about why Lolo and Natalie didn’t finalize the Veto plans with them.

Ricky explained that the women have been saying the same thing about them.

“You are the boss though. I think we missed an opportunity. You kind of have to take charge to make sure we are all on the same page,” said Ricky to Tom.

“The strange part is that nobody knew what was happening except for Natalie,” said Tom.

When Tom asked Ricky who he wanted to voted off, he said Kandi. Tom told Ricky he will do whatever the women want them to do this week. Whether Kandi or Joey goes home doesn’t matter to him.

Lolo and Natalie entered the room. Tom insisted they move the meeting to the HoH room because it would look better on television.

As Tom and Kato left, Ricky pulled Lolo and Natalie back into the bedroom giving them the lowdown on his conversation with Tom and Kato. He advised Natalie to play up the fact that Tom and Kato never asked to see them and Lolo to act sicker than she actually is. Ricky, Lolo and Natalie suspect that Tom and Kato are pulling in Dina behind their backs.

“They think they are slick. I hope this works,” said Ricky.

“All we need to do is win HoH and we are in like flint,” said Natalie.

Minutes later, the five reconvened in the HoH room.

Natalie burst into the room feigning surprise at not being able to meet with Tom and Kato. She claimed the she got called into the Diary Room and didn’t know it was in preparation for the Veto Ceremony.

Lolo apologized for being sick. She took the blame for not bringing everyone together.

The five agreed to have better communication in future as they move ahead in the game.

Tom asked everyone what they wanted to do now that the nominations are set.

“I think we should vote Kandi off as Joey doesn’t have any allies and Kandi, Tamar may be tight,” Ricky recommended.

The group decided to wait closer to Saturday to make a final decision.

When everyone left the HoH room Tom turned to Kato.

“And the Academy Award goes to all three of them!” he laughed.

“They are bad actors,” said Kato laughing too.

“It was a fun performance we just watched. They all had their own little story,” Tom said.

“So, maybe the best thing to do right now is end our alliance publicly,” Tom suggested.

“We have 24 hours to think about it,” said Kato.

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