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Live Feed Update: An alliance explodes and so does the Celebrity Big Brother house

Live Feed Update: An alliance explodes and so does the Celebrity Big Brother house

Live Feed Update: An alliance explodes and so does the Celebrity Big Brother house


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Team Fun is done.

The dysfunctional alliance finally detonated publicly this morning with Tom and Kato squaring off against Natalie, Lolo and Ricky in front of all the other houseguests.

It all began with Tom and Kato hashing out their strategy to move ahead without Lolo and Natalie. Kato was sure they had Joey and Dina on their side. Tom disagreed as far as Joey was concerned.

They were in agreement though that if they or Dina don’t win HoH this week they are going to be on the block.

They planned to speak to Kandi, to perhaps get her on their side and then dissolve Team Fun.

Natalie not using the Power of Veto was the last straw for them. Both sides refused to meet face-to-face yesterday and have been blaming the lack of communication on each other since the Veto Meeting. Tom and Kato wanted Natalie to use the Veto so they could backdoor Ricky. Lolo and Natalie didn’t think that move was best for their game as they have been working with Ricky. Both pairs deliberately avoided each other before the Veto Ceremony yesterday and have effectively turned on each other.

“I feel like our only real shot right now is to go out there and let everyone know what was going on,” said Tom.

Tom and Kato agreed to nominate Natalie and Lolo if they win HoH.

“This will become a Rocky Balboa moment where you or Dina have to win HoH,” concluded Tom as they both discussed irritating Lolo, Natalie and Ricky.

Tom went downstairs to speak to Kandi about everything that has transpired.

“When I put you and Joey on the block, my plan was to backdoor Ricky. I thought I was in a solid alliance with Lolo and Natalie. Kato and I. It turns out it wasn’t so solid. Lolo and Natalie have a side alliance with Ricky,” said Tom explaining that he feels Natalie double-crossed the alliance yesterday.

“You all made the dumbest decision ever to put myself and Joey on the block because Joey wasn’t in an alliance with anyone. I wasn’t in an alliance with anybody,” said Kandi pointing out the flaws in Tom and Kato’s strategy suggesting they have angered the three strongest competitors on the show.

Tom revealed to Kandi that Ricky suggested yesterday that they should vote her out.

“Everyone who I am friends with wants to vote me out,” laughed Kandi.

“If you put me on the block one more time we will never be friends again,” teased Kandi laughing.

Later on, Kato and Natalie had words in the bathroom after he apologized to Kandi in the event she is voted out.

Natalie accused Kato of being an “asshole” to her this morning.

“No, I am just being aware of life around me,” said a blissful Kato walking away.

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked a confused Natalie.

“I cannot believe we couldn’t meet yesterday. That troubles me. That’s all,” answered Kato.

“There was opportunity galore,” said Kato as he spun around in the kitchen.

“YOU had opportunity galore,” snapped Natalie saying he could have asked when they were in the bathroom together.

“I am not going to argue with you. It is in the past. We did have the opportunity,” said Kato backpedaling.

Kato and Natalie argued about whether or not they agreed to take someone off the block.

Walking back to the bathroom to brush his teeth, Kato asked Natalie to speak to Tom in the kitchen.

Tom asked what was wrong. Natalie said that Kato was upset.

“What should we do about it?” Tom asked Natalie and Lolo.

“I say a boxing match but I fear for Kato’s health,” said Lolo.

Tom chuckled with nervous laughter.

“That wouldn’t be good for Kato,” he said.

Tom called to Kato asking him if they are talking about the “issue” now. Kato shouted that they should.

“He is basically saying that I am not safe,” said Natalie.

Kato came into the kitchen expressing his confusion over why they didn’t meet yesterday. Natalie countered that the men had plenty of times to meet and elected not to.

Tom offered to speak privately about everything in the HoH room.

“I am over it,” said Lolo sulking.

“Well, we just feel…” started Tom.

“You guys can feel the f—k how you want to feel because literally you could have came into my room at any point yesterday!” Lolo responded saying she doesn’t wan to deal with “bulls—t” any longer.

“You are what?” said Kato entering the room mid-discussion.

“I said…I am not for this bulls—t! Do you want me to spell it out for you?” yelled Lolo.

Kato asked Lolo if she had ever taken acting classes because he and Tom could see right through her lies. He slammed his fists down on the table to emphasize his point.

“I am not an actor motherf—-r! I am an athlete!” Lolo screamed.

“What do you f—–g guys want us to do? Bow down to you?” Lolo continued shouting claiming Tom and Kato have been pissing everyone off.

“You are making people who used to like you f—–g hate you guys!” said the Olympian as Tom grabbed his coffee and left the kitchen.

“You know what you guys did,” he shot back walking away.

“You are pieces of s—t for ruining everyone’s morning,” said Lolo heading into the bathroom and the opposite direction.

Tom and Kato apologized to others for the disruption and then walked through the kitchen on the way to the gym.

Lolo ridiculed them.

“Fun! Fun! Fun! You guys f—–g blew it! ” she chanted.

“You know what you guys were doing,” said Tom again.

“F—k you all and turn that into a…Fun! Fun! Fun! F—k, you all!” replied Lolo.

Tom and Lolo got into again but the cameras were not on their argument. Feeders could hear Lolo shrieking at Tom though even though the cameras were showing activities in other rooms.

“You guys are pieces of s—t!” Lolo could be heard yelling at and mocking Tom because he cannot play for HoH this week.

“You are a terrible human being!” Lolo hollered insisting Tom messed up putting Kandi and Joey on the block and was “literally a psycho”.

“You are a male chauvinist pig! F—k you!” she screamed.

Tom and Kato went into the gym so Kato could work out as Tom paced around.

A heated Ricky came into the gym.

“My only request Tom is that I am trying to do my yoga and you are stepping all over my mat with your dirty ass shoes! You have a whole HoH room. Please, can you please go in there and get out of here!” said Ricky holding the door open for Tom.

Kato asked Tom to stay.

“Stay for what? He has a whole HoH room. It is disrespectful!” argued Ricky.

“We are talking,” insisted Kato.

“I am not talking to YOU, okay!” Ricky snapped at Kato.

Tom apologized for stepping on Ricky’s mat.

“He is not your friend! He is just a pawn!” yelled Ricky.

Kato refused to leave the gym as he wanted to finish his workout.

“He doesn’t want to be told to leave the gym,” said Tom shrugging his shoulders.

“I was here first!” yelled Ricky.

“If you really are what you are, you can block everything out,” said Kato referring to Ricky’s Zen-like persona.

“You are a fake ass dude. I am not listening to you. Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie!” shot back Ricky holding his hand up in Kato’s face before storming out of the room.

Kato mocked Ricky for saying he would never blow up in the house and he has.

“He is lying to himself. I will stick by that,” said Kato to Tom.

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