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Live Feed Spoilers: Walking Dead enter the house

Live Feed Spoilers: Walking Dead enter the house

Live Feed Spoilers: Walking Dead enter the house

Last night's Veto Competition. Photo: CBS.


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

A two-man zombie apocalypse has invaded the Big Brother house.

When the feeds returned after last night’s live double eviction episode in which Jared and Cameron were voted out, both were in the house and wearing tattered black, zombie outfits.

Word is that Jared and Cameron will compete in a competition. The winner of that competition will decide who moves on to compete in a solo puzzle challenge. If they solve the puzzle in time, they return to the game. If they don’t, the other will return to the game.

Jared and Cirie spoke with Matt wondering why he turned his back on them both.

“You were sussed about me?” asked Jared.

“I wasn’t sussed about you. I just didn’t want people knowing about this power,” replied Matt about the Power of Invincibility he received and used to save Jag.

“I get it but you lied to me about it, period,” said Jared.

“You guys are talking in circles though. I just wanted to check in and see if there was anything I did,” asked Cirie.

Matt accused them both of having alliances outside the Seven Deadly Sins.

“I never said there was mistrust there. That was why I was blindsided (by the vote). That is why I picked you to play veto,” said Jared.

Jared told Matt he never revealed his secrets such as talking about voting out Jag or putting Matt and Jag on the block.

“But, you were planning on it last week,” said Matt.

Jared said his actions speak louder than words. He never put Jag or Matt on the block last week. Jared claimed he was trying to “come at” Matt. He just wanted to lay everything out, make everything clear.

“I am trying to play this game with the most honesty and loyalty that I can and it is f—–g hard because everyone is playing a different game,” said Matt starting to get emotional.

“You aren’t the only one,” said Cirie trying to be sympathetic. “It is hard for everyone. Nobody is judging you because I may have done things, try to be honest and didn’t know where to turn. That isn’t what this is about. I just wanted to see where I went wrong.”

“You didn’t go wrong. I still had faith in you,” said Matt claiming everyone else was getting in his head.

When Jared left the room Matt explained he didn’t want to use the veto to save Jared because that would have meant Cirie was going up and could be voted out.

Felicia and Jag joined the conversation. Felicia explained that she voted for Jared based on how she felt she was treated by Cirie and him. Matt confirmed to Cirie that Jared was the target this week.

“And I was next week. I really don’t know what to say,” laughed Cirie.

Matt said he had begun to mistrust Cirie.

“What did I do to make you mistrust me? Tell me one thing,” Cirie said to Jag and Matt.

Jag answered he heard about the other deals she had.

Cirie asked him to name one.

“Clearly I have no deals otherwise I wouldn’t be in this situation,” said Cirie.

In the games room, Jared moved on from questioning Matt to interrogating Blue.

“Me telling you about Jag and putting Matt in danger was never going to be part of my plan,” she said.

“So, you just left me out to dry? Why did you feel there was no need to tell me that Jag was coming after me?” asked Jared.

Cameron entered the room saying that his zombie robe felt comfortable but he looks ridiculous.

“You do look ridiculous,” laughed Blue.

Later, Cameron and Jared spoke in the Scary Bedroom alone.

“I told them (the producers) I am not wearing this s—t when I am sleeping. They said just make sure you are wearing it in the morning. I am not wearing this and be choking to death in the middle of the night,” said Cameron of the zombie suit and its tassel-like threads.

“It is what it is now,” said Jared of their situation.

“From now going forward, if we were never anything, we are working together now because one of us goes back in this house and I want one of us to succeed,” said Cameron.

“I agree,” said Jared.

“So, we aren’t against each other,” said Cameron saying they shouldn’t be campaigning against one another.

“Not at all,” said Jared.

Jared and Cameron agreed to share the information they discover during their return to the house. Jared explained that all of his conversations thus far have been an uphill battle. Jared claimed that he did try to keep Cameron in the house at the last minute but nobody would back his plan, not even Blue. Cameron told Jared that he should have listened to him before he made his nominations. He knew Jared was in danger next.

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READER ALERT: This week there is a special Big Brother schedule. The show will air Sunday at 10:00 PM ET but there will be no Wednesday episode. The Thursday episode will air at 9:00 PM ET on Global TV.