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Live Feed Spoilers: Veto meeting to reveal the house’s true target

Live Feed Spoilers: Veto meeting to reveal the house’s true target

Live Feed Spoilers: Veto meeting to reveal the house’s true target


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

The Big Brother house continues to flip more often than a breakfast cook at Denny’s.

HoH Felicia has put Jag and Cameron on the block. Jag has won the Power of Veto though and will undoubtedly save himself. What isn’t absolutely clear is if Felicia, Izzy and Cirie want to backdoor Hisan or take out potential challenge threat Matt, the Deaflympics swimmer.

In a meeting of the trio in the HoH room, the women continued to push for Hisam’s eviction. Matt was also in attendance.

“I was happy when Jag won,” said Felicia.

“Me too,” replied Cirie.

Izzy explained to everyone that Hisam is starting to spiral with paranoia. She civilly explained to him that the alliance has to always leave space for other people’s opinions and visions.

“I can tell he is campaigning hard against me because when I was in the hammock he was staring at me the entire time,” laughed Matt.

“He said to me…Why would you go after knight (Blue) when you can go after a king (Matt)?” said Izzy. “Jag is dangerous because everyone knows he can win. He is mobilizing people.”

“He is out to lunch,” concluded Izzy.

Felicia joked about using Hisam’s own words when she nominates him in Jag’s place.

“I decided I don’t want to take knight out. I want to take a king. Hisam, take a seat,” giggled Felicia as did everyone else in the room.

During a meeting of the Professors Alliance in the HoH room later on the talk was of targeting Matt.

Felicia asked the alliance to go around the room and name their ideal replacement nominee now that Jag has won the veto and will take himself off the block.

Bowie: “I am not really sure. Matt is strong. He is probably the strongest fit person, right? I am open to anything to be honest.”

Izzy: “We are still going after the Reilly crew. I think Blue and Matt were the closest to her and with Jag they are able to mobilize…I think Matt would be a good decision even if it hurts to say out loud.”

Cirie: “We formed this alliance out of necessity after we were excluded from that alliance. We didn’t pick a side. This became our side…I would be more apt to put up an Olympian than just Blue. I love Matt as a person. I think he is a cool as hell. This is nothing against him.”

Red: “It is the other side of the house against us….He is a huge competitor. It makes a lot of sense.”

Hisam: “Matt beat me…”

The live feeds cut for a few minutes and when they returned Felicia was addressing the group and concluding the meeting.

“His competitive edge is going to materialize at some time. Okay, I am good,” she said of nominating Matt beside Cameron.

Usually, the Power of Veto meeting is held on Mondays in the house.

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