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Live Feed Spoilers: Tamar and Ricky clash

Live Feed Spoilers: Tamar and Ricky clash

Live Feed Spoilers: Tamar and Ricky clash


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

What began as a heart-to-heart chat turned into a bitter argument as Tamar and Ricky spoke in one of the bedrooms on the live feeds.

“I came here for me kid. I am starting my life completely over,” said Tamar her voice quivering a bit as she described her on-going divorce back home.

“I came here for the world,” said Ricky matter-of-factly.

“I promised my kid stability and a place to live. There are things I have to do to fulfill my commitment because I was called to be his mom. He has nobody else to depend on but me,” said Tamar starting to tear up.

Tamar declared she will not and cannot be surrounded by negativity and if she is, she would rather pack her bags and leave the Big Brother house.

Ricky asked Tamar if she has ever contributed to a negative situation.

Tamar replied not willingly, she hasn’t.

Ricky accused Tamar of making up excuses for her negative behavior.

“You keep getting loud at me,” said an agitated Tamar.

“This is the same thing that happened with Tom. I just react that way when people bulls—t me,” said Ricky. “It is not cool that you are bulls–tting me.”

“What you are not going to do is make it out like I am a bulls–tter or a liar! That is not what I do! I take pride being an honest ass woman!” an offended Tamar yelled getting to her feet.

“Can I explain myself?” Rickey asked.

“This is the second time you have put that energy out there as if I am a bulls–t ass person. Quit putting that bulls–t out there!” snapped Tamar.

Ricky asked again if he could explain his statement.

“No, you cannot explain! This is number two. Quit. You don’t get a number three,” Tamar warned.

“What the f–k is going on around here?” she said storming out of the room.

On tonight’s live eviction episode on Global either Kandi, Jonathan or Joey will be evicted from the Big Brother house.

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