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Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee’s campaign criticized

Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee’s campaign criticized

Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee’s campaign criticized


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

One of the mamas is heading off to jury.

Jag left Matt’s nominations the same at today’s veto meeting. Either Felicia or Cirie will be ushered to the jury house.

Once the meeting was over Cirie campaigned to Jag and Matt who have already decided with Bowie Jane that Cirie needs to leave.

“Eighty-four days ago Reilly told me trust Jag and Matt, stick with Jag and Matt. That was the best thing that ever happened to me! How cool would it be for her to see that? That I did just that? I trusted Jag and Matt and now I am sitting here with Jag and Matt! Thank you, guys!” stated Cirie as she hugged them both saying that Reilly gave her the best advice ever.

“Once we got rid of America and Cory I have felt so much better because she told me: F—k America and Cory! Cirie? Trust her,” said Matt.

“Now, she is going to see it,” said Cirie about Cormeria’s exit.

When Cirie left the HoH room Matt and Jag looked at each other.

“She’s nervous,” said Matt.

“I know,” replied Jag. “I have never seen her this nervous. She has never campaigned like this.”

“She never had to,” said Matt shrugging his shoulders.

“She is bringing Reilly into it,” commented Jag about her campaign to them. “She shouldn’t bring her into this.”

“She is so convincing and she is so good with everyone,” said Matt. “What does Reilly know? She was only ten days in.”

Matt and Jag agreed that like Reilly, they had no idea what was going on behind their backs at the time.

Matt complained that Cirie told him Reilly would be mad that he nominated her.

“She is just trying to manipulate your emotions. She knows that both of us are super close with Reilly. This is why she has to go. She says things that are really smart. She is really smart,” said Jag.

“She is making me feel bad,” Matt admitted.

“She is a dangerous player,” said Jag.

Bowie Jane entered the HoH room giving Jag and Matt a rundown of how Cirie campaigned to her about being with her since the start of the game.

“She hasn’t been with you since Day One,” said Matt.

“I know,” said Bowie. “She said how she loves me so much and we are family.”

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