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Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee jousts with HoH

Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee jousts with HoH

Live Feed Spoilers: Nominee jousts with HoH


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

HoH Cameron has put Felicia and Mecole on the block. As he has said to others, his target is Felicia. This is Cameron’s third reign as HoH.

Cameron’s one-on-one with Felicia before the nominations was very testy at times.

Cameron accused Felicia of not wanting to ever talk game with him. They chat about life but not game. He insisted his “name was dragged through the mud” because Felicia put him on the block against Hisam who assassinated his character for a week.

“I work off of feelings and gut feelings. Like my gut tells me you are putting me on the block. I don’t know why but that is what my gut tells me,” said Felicia not beating around the bush.

They stared at each other for seconds not saying a word.

“Is this a standoff?” asked Cameron finally breaking the awkward silence.

“No, I don’t do standoffs,” said Felicia.

Cameron told Felicia she is one of the strongest players and competitors in the game.

“I am your biggest threat in this house?” asked Felicia sternly.

“No, but you are easily the greatest persuader inside of this house,” said Cameron.

“Well, that is where you are wrong…” she began.

“See, you are doing it already,” Cameron smirked.

“This is what I discovered. It is Cirie,” said Felicia. “I mean what I said yesterday. Everyone is chasing you because you are the number one player in this house and the whole house knows that.”

Felicia called the Cameron of a few weeks ago was “haywire”.

“Why did I go “haywire”? You keep saying that? I am sorry that I am a different Cameron than I was then but at that time I was in survival mode,” he said claiming he wasn’t “haywire” or “insane”.

“It was a mean-spirited Cameron,” said Felicia.

Felicia would finish her chat with Cameron but return some time later to speak to him again.

“Now, I want to talk some strategy with you. What is your plan going forward in this game? How do you see yourself getting to the end?” she asked.

“Lying, cheating and stealing,” said Cameron laughing.

“Is that what you are going to do?” said a smiling Felicia.

“No, I am just kidding,” replied Cameron.

He explained he was going to nurture relationships and survive as best he can.

“I have been keeping my head above water this entire time,” he said. “I have worked for people. I have been used but I haven’t worked with anyone.”

“So, who do you trust in this house?” asked Felicia.

“That is an interesting question and it is not easily answered in this game and it is weird that you even asked,” said Cameron.

“So I assume you don’t trust me,” said Felicia.

“I don’t trust anybody. That is what the game is,” said Cameron. “This is a long game. You have gamble every week. You have to figure which person to gamble on and how long to gamble on them,” he continued.

They then stared at each other in an awkward silence again.

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