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Live Feed Spoilers: Mistrust, Strife Threatens To Rip An Alliance Apart

Live Feed Spoilers: Mistrust, Strife Threatens To Rip An Alliance Apart

Live Feed Spoilers: Mistrust, Strife Threatens To Rip An Alliance Apart


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

After a day of dissension and arguing Team Fun is back on the same page, for now.

Things went off the rails this morning when Tom spoke to Lolo privately.

“It is very complicated. It is not easy but it is best for our endgame,” said HoH Tom hyping his plan of backdooring Ricky if Team Fun wins the Veto or it is used by anyone except Ricky.

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Tom explained that Ricky didn’t want anything to do with him until Kato won HoH. He doesn’t think Ricky is being sincere with anyone, including their alliance.

“He has made a lot of people mad in the house,” said Lolo insisting Ricky doesn’t have the influence to make any moves on them.

“He wants to ride with us to the end, pick a side and then pick off the other side. He will then be final three. He is our biggest threat as a group. I want to backdoor Ricky right now,” stated Tom insisting they need to capitalize on the opportunity and get rid of a strong player.

Lolo brought up voting out Joey instead.

“Joey likes you two, not me. He does not like us,” said Lolo.

“We are basically doing what you want, what is good for your game,” she suggested.

“We will kick Joey out next if you want him out,” said Tom in an effort to compromise.

“I am trying to trust you. I don’t have a good feeling about Joey,” said Lolo.

To Lolo, Tom is backtracking on his previous insistence of not backdooring people to give them a fair chance to save themselves.

“You are only thinking about yourself and that is not cool, Tom,” said Lolo.

“I don’t think we are going to get this opportunity again,” replied Tom.

“Right now, I am not totally sold,” said Lolo.

“You are covering your tracks. You have a back-up plan. Natalie and I don’t. If this doesn’t work out me and Natalie are out!” Lolo continued getting frustrated with Tom.

Lolo and Tom agreed to disagree and revisit the issue later.

While Lolo was in the Diary Room, Natalie met with Tom and Kato on her own in the HoH room. They spoke about asking the producers how many players would make the finale but were not given an answer.

“I am worried that we will get destroyed before we even get there,” said Natalie of the plan to ditch Ricky and a possible number in their favour.

“I think it is too early in the game to knock off the five,” she said.

Tom told Natalie he thinks Ricky has the Power of the Publicist and has lied to them.

“It is not that I am really against the move. It is more along the lines of it is too early for that type of move,” Natalie surmised.

“We can get rid of Ricky without your votes,” said Tom.

“I know that. Lolo told me that. You don’t even need us. That is not how a team works. That is not being a team player,” said an annoyed Natalie.

At a third meeting of the day for Team Fun, the foursome agreed to see how the Veto plays out before talking about any kind of strategy.

As they broke up their meeting they solidified their alliance with a cheer and a signature hand gesture.

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