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Live Feed Spoilers: HoH sets backdoor plan in motion

Live Feed Spoilers: HoH sets backdoor plan in motion

Live Feed Spoilers: HoH sets backdoor plan in motion


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

HoH Felicia has Hisam in her sights.

At today’s nomination meeting she put Cameron and Jag on the block with the intention of booting Hisam. The back-up plan would be to take out Jag.

Izzy and Felicia detailed the plan in the HoH room earlier.

“It would be amazing on your HoH!” said Izzy of booting Hisam.

“It would be the biggest power move of the game!” said Felicia.

“That is a game-winning resume boost!” echoed Izzy.

Felicia left the HoH room. Cirie spoke with Izzy alone voicing her concerns about the proposed nominations of Blue and Jag.

“She told me she wants to put up Jag and Blue,” said Izzy.

“Oh, no,” said Cirie shaking her head. “She doesn’t want to take a shot at Hisam?”

“No, she does,” said Izzy.

“Bowie is a talking about an all-girl thing. Her noms don’t make sense. What if they don’t win?” asked Cirie. “It is stupid of us to get rid of girls anyways. We have to have a better chance. Cameron will have a better chance of winning the veto. He has reason to as he has been up twice on the block.”

Once Felicia returned to the HoH room Cirie floated her plan.

“Listen to this. What I am thinking is we put up Jag because he deserves it and we put up Cameron. The reason we don’t put up Blue is because we don’t want to continue to knock the women out of this thing. Cameron is going to fight like hell to win the veto. If Cameron wins guess who goes up?” asked Cirie.

“Hisam,” answered Felicia.

“Exactly,” said Cirie.

In having her one-on-one with Felicia, America informed her not only what Hisam said about The Professors’ alliance behind her back but criticized Hisam’s speech at the veto meeting.

“I want to have you on my team. I want Reilly gone. I want to work with Matt. I want to work with Jag. I want to work with Blue. I want to build a solid, power team. He did say this and I told Izzy about it. Reilly got first dibs on everyone. I was stuck with the leftovers,” said America about what Hisam told her about his current alliance.

They then chatted about how Jag lied 30 minutes before the eviction vote claiming that the other side of the house had decided to flip their votes and keep Reilly. It is Felicia’s reason for nominating Jag this week.

Neither appreciated though what Hisam had to say about Reilly at the veto meeting.

“It was so rude and for no reason. She was already on the block. It was like sticking the knife in more,” said America.

“You did that in front of America. You kind of belittled her. I don’t think that was right and that is just Felicia’s opinion,” said Felicia of what she told Hisam afterwards.

In her one-on-one with Cameron she revealed the scheme to backdoor Hisam. Cameron wasn’t happy to hear about his part in the plan.

“What do you need me to do?” asked Cameron.

“This is the part you probably won’t like but I do have a rational for it. I am putting up Jag because I didn’t like what he did yesterday. Why did you go around tell people we flipped our votes? I am putting up Jag but my goal is Hisam. We have to backdoor Hisam. We cannot allow for him to play in the Power of Veto and win. He still may get pulled but if everyone plays it safe, he may throw it because he realizes that he has thrown too many competitions. What I would like to do is…and I need you to trust me…I want you to be the one to win the Power of Veto,” said Felicia. “Trust me if you don’t come down Jag will be my target, our target, because everyone knows what Jag did. We are going to take out Jag if we cannot get to Hisam. I figure you have the best chance of winning, removing yourself and we are going to backdoor his ass and blow him up. He will be so stunned he won’t even know it is coming.”

“I had the feeling I would be going up back to back but I didn’t want it to be true,” said a dejected Cameron.

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