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Live Feed Spoilers: Cameron campaigns with predictions

Live Feed Spoilers: Cameron campaigns with predictions

Live Feed Spoilers: Cameron campaigns with predictions


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Although he will tell you he isn’t campaigning Cameron is doing his best to persuade his fellow houseguests to keep him in the game.

Despite the backdoor plan that has been executed against him Cameron is still hoping for that Hail Mary play. That the house will somehow keep him over America.

Today, he spoke to Jared, Jag and Matt in the have-not bedroom floating theories about the course of the game and how he might be returning, if he has the math right.

“Put me to work. I promise I will be surprised when things go crazy,” he said before launching into his predictions.

“I will tell you three this as I will know it will not leave this room. I am not a betting man and I have been wrong in this game, basically every step of the f—-g way. If I am a baseball fan and I have struck out 99 times, my one time is coming up to hit a ball. The odds are in favour,” he began.

“The fact that they (the producers) moved jury back two weeks and went from nine people to seven people tells me something weird is going to happen with the two people. I told Cory this earlier. The two people voted out in the next two weeks that is the first possibility of a battleback,” he said. “I say that because as I think this week’s competition will be a quick active game or an interactive mental game because I think next week is going to be a lot more physical. That way, the battleback can just put run with it. The first one of those two who goes down doesn’t get back into the house.”

“I have never seen a battleback with two people though,” said Jag.

“Well, I have never seen them move back the damn jury to the classic but battleback is a classic and we haven’t done it yet. I am going to f—k up you all when I come back in here,” joked Cameron.

“For the first time ever, there will be eight people nominated for eviction,” laughed Jag.

“We have even nominated Julie (Chen Moonves) and Mister Big,” added Jared.

“My other possible theory is another America’s Vote…The other possibility would be a double eviction because something needs to be put in fast forward,” said Cameron.

“Really? This week?” asked Jared.

“Next week would be battleback to me. Let’s get real, I leave and then whomever leaves next week doesn’t even leave the house. They go right back out and we do some sort of battleback scenario. They want to stretch this thing to a hundred days? We aren’t even at fifty yet,” Cameron predicted. “They are going to have doubles because they get ratings like crazy. They got to have a double. They have got to have a battleback. That’s just math.”

“I haven’t watch enough to be useful in this conversation,” said Jared.

Cameron reminded everyone that his deal still stands with those who might want to work with him.

“A lot of consideration, I will say that much. I can only speak for myself though,” said Jared of what he thought of keeping Cameron in the house.

“I am talking to you because I wouldn’t talk to you all about the exact same situation. The deal stands. I am not going to be the guy going around campaigning. I need five votes. I need five rogue votes and YOU,” he said to Jared. “If you have already got your mind made up I am not going to f—k with you but if you wanted to have some fun, you are about to have it! It will be a final work, a grand finale!” said Cameron.

“I do like fun,” said Jag.

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