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Live Feed Spoilers: Anarchy dominates the Big Brother house

Live Feed Spoilers: Anarchy dominates the Big Brother house

Live Feed Spoilers: Anarchy dominates the Big Brother house


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

As this week’s vote nears utter chaos has erupted in the Big Brother house with Felicia and Izzy on the block.

A strategic conversation between America and HoH Cameron in the bathroom got the ball rolling.

“Stuff that I told you two days ago came back to me,” said America cuddled up in a blanket.

“What? I swear I have no said a single f—–g word to anyone. I cannot be any more clear about this,” said a ticked off Cameron.

“It was pinned on you too,” said America.

“I haven’t talked about anything. I promise you,” said Cameron. “Being with you guys is my only way forward…I cannot burn the one bridge that’s being offered to me. Stop letting people get in your head too.”

“I know. It is not anyone else but me,” admitted America.

America then dropped a bombshell on Cameron about this week’s vote. Izzy has been Cameron’s target from the moment he won HoH.

“I know it is early but I want to tell you right now the votes aren’t there,” said America.

“I don’t care. They’re the dumb asses! Everyone that doesn’t vote this way doesn’t see it and is the dumb ass!” said a furious Cameron. “It won’t be a blindside to me. It will be a blindside to them down the road.”

“It will be one less of the group they have,” said America of that side losing a number.

“It will be one down. I don’t care. It is what everyone wants to do. They are just leaving a player in the house,” said Cameron.

“I know they are,” said America.

“I care but if anyone thinks they are getting one over on me, the joke is on them! They are the dumb asses! They are leaving a player in the game,” said Cameron snapping.

“It is not Izzy they are scared of. It is the connections she has in the house,” explained America.

Cameron left America and sat down beside Felicia in the front room.

“So, if they are telling you now that they are willing to keep you they are f—–g lying to you,” said Cameron of the vote.

“Okay,” said a stunned Felicia.

“I know that because that is what they are telling me. Let’s get real here. I am Public Enemy Number One. I know I was the target last week until I won the veto. I know you flipped the vote at the last minute last week and it is okay because as I have said there is a huge distinction for me between game and personal,” said Cameron.

Cameron detailed how he is aware of what happened between him and Red now.

“What happened with Red?” asked Felicia.

“Some things I said were twisted,” said Cameron.

“As it sits, you meet Julie (Chen Moonves) on Thursday,” he said.

“I am going home on Thursday?” asked a confused Felicia.

“Do with that what you will. Please know I love you,” said Cameron standing up and hugging Felicia.

Felicia then went into panic mode pinning down the other houseguests.

She questioned Bowie Jane.

“Cam is telling me that everyone is lying to me and they are voting me out,” she said.

Bowie Jane told Felicia she will go speak to Cameron and get to the bottom of things.

Felicia then spoke to Jag.

“I am hearing right now that I am the person going home and was just wondering what the thought process is?” she asked.

“There is no consensus from the group that I know of,” answered Jag.

“I have five people telling me they are keeping me but I don’t know if they are lying to me,” sighed Felicia.

Felicia sat beside Mecole and Blue in the kitchen.

“Cam just came over, sat politely on the couch and told me based on what he knows that everyone is lying to me and I am going home. He could be b——–g me but he says he isn’t,” said Felicia.

“He also said he was nominating me and Jag this week,” answered Blue.

Meanwhile, Cameron was watching everything unfold on the spy screen in the HoH room.

Felicia chatted with America who apologized admitting she is voting Felicia out.

“They don’t want to make enemies of who Izzy is close to,” said America of the other houseguests.

“I supposedly had Cirie, Jared, Matt, Mecole and Bowie Jane. Who are they making enemies with?” asked Felicia.

Felicia caught up with Jared and cornered him in the bathroom.

“What are your real thoughts because I am hearing that I am going home. Cameron told me that,” she said.

“Cameron is going f—–g crazy right now. He is saying everyone is stupid if we vote you out. He knows his time is short. He knows he is going to get backdoored. You know where I stand,” replied Jared reassuring Felicia that he is voting for her to stay over Izzy.

America gave Cameron an update in the HoH room. She warned him not to toss any more grenades around the house. It seems the house is flipping and Izzy is the target now.

“Right now, we are all still voting out Izzy,” she advised him to tell others of what he knows.

America warned him not to speak to Cirie.

“The line has been drawn,” said Cameron.

“Not yet. Not yet,” advised America.

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