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Live Feed Spoilers: A slip up causes a flare-up and fallout

Live Feed Spoilers: A slip up causes a flare-up and fallout

Live Feed Spoilers: A slip up causes a flare-up and fallout


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

The wrong question in the right ears has sparked some backlash in the Big Brother house.

This morning Red was packing up his belongings as nominated houseguests usually do on eviction day. On Red’s bedside table was a muffin or cupcake in a resealable bag. Red and Jag are nominated for eviction.

“Are you going to take it home?” Felicia asked Red about the muffin or cupcake with Bowie and Izzy looking on in stunned belief.

“Well, he will be here to eat it tomorrow so…” said Bowie trying to make the best of a bad situation.

When Felicia left the room Bowie, Red and Izzy’s jaws hit the floor.

“What was that?” asked Bowie.

“What the f—k?” laughed Izzy.

“Call me in. I am ready (for the Diary Room). This is b——t!” said Bowie addressing the cameras and Big Brother.

“I think that was deliberate,” said Red.

“I think it slipped out. I think she is a sloppy player,” said Bowie.

“I think she may be THAT arrogant,” replied Red.

“No, I think she is just sloppy,” said Bowie.

When Cirie entered the bedroom Red and Bowie filled her in on what happened.

“Dude, that was freaking rude!” said Bowie.

“Are you going to take it home with you?” said Red imitating Felicia’s voice.

“Oh, my!” snapped Cirie.

“I think it was a genuine slip-up,” said Bowie. “It was shocking!”

“Not, really,” answered Cirie about Felicia’s sloppy gameplay.

A chaotic morning has led to a chaotic day as tonight’s vote between Red and Jag nears. Mecole told Felicia about a gathering she witnessed last night with Jag and some of the other houseguests. Mecole believes they are planning something, which wasn’t the case at all. The news made Felicia so paranoid she wants to flip the vote and is now pushing for Jag to go over Red.

“This is only because she heard Jag was throwing her name around on the other side. I think we should still do Red,” said Cirie to Izzy in the storage room.

“I know but how do we convince them to do this?” asked Izzy.

“She is the ‘bathroom party person’ and now all of a sudden sudden she wants Jag out?” said Cirie mocking Mecole’s lack of gameplay.

“I am ready to separate Felicia and Mecole from us,” said a frustrated Izzy.

“I mean Felicia was already starting it,” said Cirie.

When HoH Jared woke up Cirie gave her son the lowdown.

“She (Felicia) is saying we have to flip the vote back to Jag but we want them (Felicia and Mecole) to think it is Jag so when they vote Jag it will be six to four. They won’t know who did it,” said Cirie wanting to set up Felicia and Mecole.

Jared explained that he already spoke to Cameron is he is aware that Felicia wants to flip the vote. Cameron told Jared he would like to talk to Cirie later. Jared advised Cirie to put the target on Felicia when she speaks with him.

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