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Late Show: Van Jones Backs Biden Presidency

Late Show: Van Jones Backs Biden Presidency

Late Show: Van Jones Backs Biden Presidency


Friend of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and of Stephen Colbert himself, Van Jones visits the show to give his always-welcome take on today’s politics.

Van Jones has always been a resounding voice for reason in politics. Even on CNN, Jones shines as a barometer for overreacting, because he doesn’t, ever. So when Van Jones wants to give you his political opinion, you may as well at least listen, because it’s been considered and deliberately worded. That’s just how Van Jones does it.

He’s a former Obama White House advisor. He survived a Fox News smear campaign. Once called The Devil Himself by American conservatives, it’s incredible that he was able to help put a bill through Trump’s administration just this year.

The man’s bulletproof. He walked into Washington as a notorious enemy of the regime, and walked out with a bill he helped put together, signed by President Donald Trump.

And he’s got it all figured out, when it comes to people with opposing views talking to each other. Basically, they don’t. The Late Show is guilty of this, his home network CNN is guilty of this and you better believe that Fox News is guilty of this. But he thinks they should, instead of doing what they’re doing: talking about each other.



Van Jones Sounds Off on Joe Biden

So it’s 2019. Stephen Colbert and Van Jones are in a room. What do they talk about? Obviously 2020. With the next Presidential Election just around the corner (a year and a half away is just around the corner for these things – they ramp up to them as soon as possible), Colbert wants to know where Van Jones stands. Jones is a known and loyal Democrat, but hasn’t withheld criticisms of the party and Presidential contenders (remember the whole “voice of reason” thing?). So when it comes to Joe Biden, former Vice President to Barack Obama, Stephen’s all in. But Biden, progressive he may be, has had a long political career, with many choices that haven’t been all that progressive. And someone like Jones might not be fully on board.

Now Van Jones is going to tell it like it is – and the way he tells it about Biden puts it all into perspective. 2019 Biden is a progressive, and a great candidate. And if he gets the nomination, Van Jones is in 100%, because he’s a fan of second chances.

This is it, politics fans. This is the ramp up to the 2020 election starting on The Late Show. Hopefully this year is full of presidential candidate guests and The Hungry for Power Games that made the 2015 Late Show the show it is today.

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