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Big Brother 20’s Kaitlyn Herman Says Sam’s Reasoning Was Atrocious

Big Brother 20’s Kaitlyn Herman Says Sam’s Reasoning Was Atrocious

Big Brother 20’s Kaitlyn Herman Says Sam’s Reasoning Was Atrocious


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

She wishes she could have nama-stayed. Kaitlyn Herman, the spirited New Age life coach was knocked out of the Big Brother 20 game with a one-two punch. Not only was she voted out 9 to 1 but she failed to solve a puzzle that would have guaranteed her return to the game due to Sam Bledsoe‘s special App Power.

“It is all such a blur honestly. There was so much pressure in that moment and I was not aligned at all. I wish I had a few minutes to center myself before doing that competition,” she told Global about the puzzle she had to solve on the live eviction show.


Things started to go wrong for Kaitlyn when HoH (Head of Household), Sam, put her and Haleigh Broucher on the block, targeting them in a very personal way.

“I have nominated you Haleigh and you Kaitlyn purely because I think that you take the most from the house and contribute the least. And, honestly, I don’t care for how the two of you treat the young men in this house. I think they deserve more respect and I think it is the opposite of female empowerment. I think you both should respect yourselves more,” said Sam during her controversial nomination speech.

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Kaitlyn didn’t care for Sam’s reasoning at all and doesn’t think much of her at present.

“As of this moment, there is no distinction between Sam the person and Sam the player in my mind. I hope that with time I am able to distinguish the difference between them but I thought her nomination speech and reasoning was atrocious,” said Kaitlyn.

During her time in the house Kaitlyn was close to both Faysal Shafaat and Tyler Crispen. In the end though, Faysal used his POV (Power of Veto) to save Haleigh not Kaitlyn and both Faysal and Tyler voted her out of the house. How does Kaitlyn feel about them now?


John Powell:  Faysal not only didn’t use the Veto on you as he promised he would but he also voted you out. What do you make of those decisions and him?

Kaitlyn Herman: “Fessy’s word means absolutely nothing. I hope he and I can stay friends after this show. I’m not sure how he even feels about me as a person if he was able to so easily kick me out of the game.”

John Powell: You mentioned several times that you had feelings for Tyler and for Faysal. Were you being honest or was it all strategy?

Kaitlyn Herman: “I loved Tyler and Fessy both as friends and those were legitimate friendships with them but on the other hand it was strategy to align myself with the men because they were physical, they were competitive and I knew if they were in power they would keep me safe.”

John Powell: You spoke about spirit guides and such in the house. Why do you think some people did not believe you and do you deal with such skepticism in your real life outside of the house?


Kaitlyn Herman: “Skepticism is nature and it is not something that I really care about. I am going to continue to speak my truth and people are entitled to not agree with me.”

John Powell: Why do you think they kept Rockstar (Angie Lantry) over you?

Kaitlyn Herman: “Rockstar is not a threat. Plain and simple. She can’t win comps and she has been loyal. There was no reason to go home next to someone like me who is a physical and social threat.”

John Powell: What surprised you the most about the experience?

Kaitlyn Herman: “The most surprising part about Big Brother is how close you get with these people. I genuinely look at every single one of these people as my family. Despite the game decisions that were made we are all connected on such a deep level that no one else will understand.”

John Powell: Who are you rooting for to win and why?

Kaitlyn Herman: “Now that I have had some time to think about it… if a guy wins I would like to see JC [Mounduix] win and if a girl wins I would like to see Bayleigh [Dayton] win.”

John Powell: Do you regret backdooring Swaggy C (Chris Williams) and he said to me you had it in for him ever since you two had the argument. Is that true?

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Kaitlyn Herman: “Yeah. That is true. He was the only person that made things personal so early in the game. It was really difficult for me to move past that. I regret sending him home because he was so deserving of this opportunity but at the same time I have never played this game, it was the first time I was HoH, and I didn’t know what to do. That was the decision I made.”

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