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Finalists reflect on the drama that was Big Brother 23

Finalists reflect on the drama that was Big Brother 23

Finalists reflect on the drama that was Big Brother 23


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

They were close friends as members of the Cookout throughout the entire season but finalists Big D and Azah hit some turbulence during the last leg of their Big Brother journey together.

While in the house awaiting finale night their relationship became strained when Azah told Big D (Derek Frazier) that she would be taking Xavier to the finals if she won the final Head of Household. The conversation then spiraled into who was more deserving and who did more to help the Cookout achieve its goals.

For his part, Big D insists he has apologized to Azah over what happened between them.

“I did in the house and I also did again in public. I don’t want her to ever feel some type of way. The thing about it is that I don’t know how she felt or if she did accept my apology. I don’t even know if she wants to be friends with me and that’s okay. I didn’t come in this game to make friends. The last few days were really tough because there was a lot of emotions rising. I started getting paranoid because we were getting closer to the end,” said Big D insisting that Azah wasn’t being as open as she had been during their time together and that made him very suspicious and paranoid.

“I wasn’t trying to be malicious or anything. It just felt like to me that I did do more. It was just a misunderstanding. Our friendship has been so good the whole entire season. I hate that we made this into a storyline to end it because we had a beautiful relationship and I still care for her. I respect her. She’s a beautiful woman. She’s a strong woman. She’s a very smart woman,” Big D continued.

When asked about the situation Azah blamed it all on the stress they were all under.

“The house is a pressure cooker. People can have perceptions of things and might not understand everything. I know that I didn’t have a lot of confidence in the beginning but I developed a lot more towards the end and I knew what I contributed to the alliance. I knew what I contributed as a player. I guess what I can say about that is I don’t need any validation for what I’ve done or what I’ve contributed. I’m very confident in my abilities as a player,” she said.

Besides his situation with Azah, Big D also found himself in an awkward situation with Kyland. Big D insists that Kyland used his famous father’s ring as collateral in the house so that he wouldn’t vote him out. Big D’s father was the famous boxer “Smokin’ Joe” Frazier. Big D says Kyland exited the house wearing the ring.

“I was like you have never put on my ring this once this summer but now you randomly put it on? Yeah, come on, man. What type of game are you playing now? He did give it back to me when I walked out in finale night,” says Big D.

Big D, like many of the other players, did not reveal the truth about himself to the other players. Big D believed that if he did they might not understand his situation.

“I wanted people to understand that I came on the show to fight for my mother. My dad lost a lot of money because he trusted the wrong people. When he passed away there was nothing left. I wanted to be able to give back to my mom. My mom has fought for me my whole entire life. She has done so much for me,” said Big D his voice beginning to crack and rattle with emotion.

While Big D’s inspiration in the house was his mother Azah found her strength in her faith.

“Reading my Bible everyday is what gave me peace. I grew a lot closer to God in the house. I read my Bible a lot more inside of the house than I read it outside of the house. It was the one thing I could cling to. It was the foundation of my sanity. God has got me through so many difficult times and is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life,” she said of her Big Brother experience.

Big Brother USA returns with another celebrity edition in February of next year. Stay tuned to Globaltv.com for more details.