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Faysal: JC has no loyalty

Faysal: JC has no loyalty

Faysal: JC has no loyalty


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

His second chance at Big Brother gone, Faysal is now concentrating on jury duty. Of all the houseguests left in the game JC hasn’t impressed him very much.

“I would say JC right now is in a bad position. His strategy the whole game was to not have an alliance and not make himself a target. Now that the numbers are so small he will get picked off because he didn’t show loyalty to people the whole game,” Faysal predicted.

What is curious is Faysal doesn’t think his own showmance, Haleigh, is the best player in the house. He bestowed that honour on Tyler.

“I would say the best player is probably Tyler. I like his game. He is a physical competitor and has a solid amount of allies left,” he said.

Although he doesn’t think Haleigh is playing the best game, he does think she will last three more weeks at least as long as the returning Scottie doesn’t become a factor as that could derail her game.

“I think Haleigh is a very good social player. She is really intelligent. She is good at the mental and memorization competitions. Now that I am not in the house they can’t target us as a duo. However, now that Scottie is in the house they could target them together. If they do put them up together I think he will go home over her. If she can pull off an HOH in the next couple weeks, I don’t see why she can’t make top five for sure,” he said.

Things went very wrong for Faysal during his HoH. Instead of pulling in allies and targeting alpha players Tyler and Angela, he let rogue votes preoccupy his thoughts. He admits he let his emotions get the better of him.

“The rouge votes had such an effect because before going up to my HOH room I was under the impression that Scottie was going to be the only one to raise his hand. I just wanted the whole house to know that I knew. When Brett raised his hand it just really pissed me off that one of them was lying. They had both sketched me out prior to doing that so that was my excuse of putting them both up together,” he explained.

Faysal did have a second chance at the game during the Jury Battle Back but he was beaten by Scottie who won his way back into the house. Looking back, Faysal knows what he did wrong.

“I think I started leaning over the fence too much. That way I could get a good drop. I think I leaned over too much and it affected my balance and aim. Then, I started hearing other people getting balls so it stressed me out. I should have just focused and took my time more,” Faysal said.

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