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Christie: Tommy was my anchor

Christie: Tommy was my anchor

Christie: Tommy was my anchor


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

For many Big Brother fans Taco Tuesday will never be the same again.

Christie Murphy, the boutique store owner from New Jersey, was responsible for one of the most iconic moments this season when she unleashed her campaign against Nick creating chaos in the kitchen that night.

A lynch pin of Christine’s game though was her partnership with Tommy, a childhood friend outside of the game. Reuniting inside the Big Brother house was a surprise to them both.

“Tommy and I went to elementary school together and we have known each other since we were kids. We reconnected in 2012 when I started dating someone in his family. We immediately became closer than ever. This experience made us even closer,” Christie, the newest member of the Big Brother jury, confessed.

Until Christie was voted out, the two had an inseparable and loyal alliance. Keeping their real relationship a secret was fun for Christie.

“In the moment, realizing he was there with me was really hard because I had to immediately change my age and hometown but as the game progressed, it got easier and actually more fun. We had to stage conversations and act like we were getting to know each other. It started hard and then got fun and easier,” she said.

During the game, Tommy always had Christie’s back using the Power of Veto and pulling her off the block twice. Christie is quick to recognize how important Tommy was to her Big Brother success this season.

John Powell: How vital was Tommy to your individual game?

Christie Murphy: “From a personal aspect, Tommy was my anchor. At times I was a little emotionally all over the place and he helped keep me in check. Also, he won the veto twice and used it on me so I’d say that’s pretty vital.”

John Powell: After the show is over, do you think you and Tommy could still be close friends or is there too much history with his family?

Christie Murphy: “I could see him and I traveling the world. I can’t wait to do every fun Big Brother event with Tommy. Also, this experience is so unique and just bonds you for life. I love him so much.”

John Powell: Who do you feel most let down by?

Christie Murphy: “From a game standpoint, I don’t feel let down by anyone this week. Just because I wanted Jess to stay over Cliff doesn’t mean it was the best game for anyone.  I’m disappointed Nicole didn’t want to keep Jess but ultimately keeping Cliff was better for her gameplay.”

John Powell: Why do you think Nicole nominated yourself and Tommy?

Christie Murphy: “The only reason I could see Nicole taking a shot at me and Tommy over Michie and Holly is because she is working with Michie and Holly. She probably sees more longevity working with them then with me and I respect that.”

John Powell: How much of your crying in the house was strategy and how much were your genuine emotions?

Christie Murphy: “I would literally love to say that any of it was strategy because I was embarrassed by how much I cried. (Laughs) Unfortunately, ever tear I shed was genuine and I honestly still can’t get over it.”

John Powell: What would your advice be for Tommy now?

Christie Murphy: “I don’t know if my advice would be good since I’m here and he’s still playing. (Laughs) If I have any advice, it’s to win everything he can win, fight and try to align more with Cliff and Nicole because they are going to need the numbers to take on Michie and Holly.”

John Powell: Of those who are left, which players have a chance to go far in the game and who doesn’t?

Christie Murphy: “I think it could go a few ways. Based on comps and being powerful, I can see Michie or Cliff taking it to the end but also I could see an underdog like Nicole sitting in final two.”

John Powell: If the producers asked you to play again would you and what would you do differently?

Christie Murphy: “This experience is weird. I can’t see myself turning down an opportunity like this because this is incredible but I’d need a break and maybe a year to recoup after this mental roller coaster.”

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